Hickory Pellets for a smooth flavor

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Hickory Pellets for a smooth flavor

Hickory Pellets for a smooth flavor. These are sold by Big Poppa Smokers.

The pellets are a mix of 1/3rd Hickory and 2/3rds Oak. They mix the woods to get a better flavor. This can be used to cook or smoke, beef, fish, poultry, and wild game. The company says that the smoke is more intense, causing the flavor and moisture to get locked in.

If you like a smooth woodsey flavor, you will like the job these pellets do on your next barbecue.

Most barbecue restaurants down south including some parts of Texas use either Hickory or Oak to cook with. You get 40 pounds of pellets. A lot of companies use a liquid to flavor their pellets. This company says theirs are all wood.

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