Pecan Pellets For Your Grill

Pecan Pellets For Your  Grill

Pecan Pellets have a sweeter taste than Hickory and Mesquite. A lot of people I know swear by Pecan to barbecue with. I was in a Barbecue cook-off competition with my Son and his wife. My son loves to barbecue with pecan. I think Pecan really flavors food.

These pellets are made with 1/3rd. Pecan and 2/3rd. Oak. This will result in a smooth mellow flavor, your family will love. These put out more smoke everyone I talk to say.

All backyard barbecue parties need really good and barbecue full of flavor. The Pellets will work in all Pellet Grills.

When you use this brand of pellets you will these pellets will fire up and smoke till you shut down your grill.