About Billy RobertsAbout Billy Roberts, he has been in Barbecue for a long time  about 60 years. A man at the Church Billy went to in the early 1950s was a welder and made Barbecue grills out of steel drums. There on special occasions, the man cooked some great tasting hamburgers, chicken and other meats. When Billy married he would cook on a little grill on his Apartment balcony where he and his wife enjoyed the usual fare of hamburgers or chicken.

He was watching Public broadcasting in the Dallas, Texas area in the early 2000s. A man just up the road smoked barbecue for 12 or more hours, using Mesquite or Hickory, and sometimes Oak. He visited the restaurant where the man worked, and Billy was hooked. He wanted a grill with a firebox on the end so he could regulate the heat and the wood logs would put out lots of smoke. Then (the boss) his wife told him that he was smoking the brisket too much. It gets tiresome sitting by the grill and getting his clothes smoked as well. He bought a pellet grill which can smoke a little or a lot. He can sit inside and check every few hours. Now he is sold on pellet grills and loves to help others find the best grills.

Billy started building websites in 2000. He built many but his love was barbecuing, so he built this website. He has promised to research and write articles to help people find what they need when buying a grill online. And help people learn in how-to-do projects.

Ps. His Dog Dexter pictured beside him passed away, but Billy remembers him fondly and wanted him in the picture.

                              Thanks, Billy Roberts