Louisiana Grills LG0010001750 WH1750 Country Smoker Whole Hog Review

Louisiana Grills LG0010001750 WH1750 Country Smoker Whole Hog Review

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A review of Louisiana Grills LG-001000-1750 WH-1750 Country Smoker Whole Hog. All the information i  can find,both good and bad.

This electric pellet grill lives up to its name. You can actually smoke a whole hog in this one. You can be the barbecue hero of your street,maybe your whole town. This one is that good. 1750 Square inches of cooking area. Now just let that sizzle in your barbecue starved brain. Yes,1750 inches of room to cook louisianaanything you would like to barbecue. No having to search for small cuts of meat to fit in that subcompact grill you have. There isn’t any crowding in this grill. This grill is actually the most versatile barbecue pellet smoker/grill on the market. If you were setting up a business like a restaurant  featuring smoked barbecue,then this grill would be the one to buy.

If you are unhappy with your charcoal or wood smoker because it needs constant attention,and you want more room to cook with. Then this grill will do what you want a barbecue grill to do. Actually this grill is two grills in one. Because each side has independent burners and independent large capacity hoppers. This Louisiana grill  will make your next large gathering a pleasant gathering instead of a nightmare because of a balky grill that you cant maintain even heat through the whole cooking time. Take out the middle partition and you can cook a whole hog or a lot of beef.

Louisiana Grills LG0010001750 WH1750 Country Smoker Whole Hog Review

You could prepare your food to be barbecued,rubs,spices,flavor enhancers. Load the hoppers with pellets. Set the temp,which is variable from 180 degrees to 500.  Load the food. You have an auto start electric igniter,start it up. There is a dome thermometer to check the temperature. There is a fan cooled hopper and feed system,no worries there. Easy to clean porcelain cooking grids,easy cleanup.
You sit back confident that everything is being done to make your barbecue will turn out right. You can cook amazingribs,chicken,pork,or beef. Also chicken needs to be cooked at a higher temp than other barbecue meat so it will turn out right. This grill handles it without any problems.

The Louisiana Country Smoker.

Height 46″ tall

Width 84.5″

Depth 26″

Weight 360 pounds

Hopper capacity 40 pounds


This American made Louisiana grill ,grilling area is 1,220 square inches. With an optional  upper cooking rack,2 pieces which gives you 1696 square inches. 14 Gauge steel construction. There is an arched flavor guard  built in the top of the grill that enhances the flavor. With the auto start electric igniter,you can set everything up and start cooking with no problems. There is an engineered 4 leg stand,which means this grill  is very sturdy. With 2 wheels for easy moving. With 2 leveling legs,so the grill is level. With a 3 year limited warranty on all electrical parts. 5 Years limited warranty on workmanship,which means your pretty well covered when you purchase.

If you buy a Louisiana country smoker you will want to season the grill,after assembly.That’s to burn off  oil or other things left over from manufacturing.  This whole hog smoker has extra-thick legs and a lower storage shelf that’s very useful and also adds strength and stability. There is a option you can buy to add panels or stainless steel panels to turn the bottom section into a cabinet that has doors. Also there are two very unique short auger assemblies which are an”open”design which will keep down pellet jams. There are 2 fans to cool both the pellet hoppers,and will create convection currents so your food comes out cooked evenly every time.

Another thing,the grease  from cooking is directed  into 2 catch cans. Simple easy no-mess cleanup. These pellet grills run on 110v ac power. The country smoker operates by small food-grade wood pellets being fed into a small burner by a turning auger.  The heat generated cooks the food while the smoke from the pellets burning gives your bbq a fantastic flavor. Also you can get different types of pellets like Mesquite,hickory,pecan,apple,and others.Myself,i like mesquite,but you can try other wood pellets to see which wood you like to smoke the barbecue with. you can cook hamburgers to perfection in 10 minutes or less.  This grill will sear which means that it will cook steaks also.

Louisiana Grills LG0010001750 WH1750 Country Smoker Whole Hog Review

The Bad

It seems they have quit making the Louisiana Grills Whole Hog Country smoker.  I have added links to another of their fine grill’s,that is nearly the same.

Only thing i could find is that this model is a little more expensive. But you are getting a huge pellet grill that will precisely cook and smoke for you for years.. You could even cook for the whole neighborhood with this smoker. But if you want the best smoked food,you need the best grill. Click Here for more information

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