Meco Deluxe Electric Water Smoker Grill Review

Meco Deluxe Electric Water Smoker Grill Review

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The Meco Deluxe Electric Water Smoker Grill: Read What A 40 Year BBQ Veteran Thought of it

My review of the Meco Deluxe Electric Water Smoker Grill,is it worth the price? Read the good as well as the bad.So about the meco electric water smoker.

A lot of people like to barbecue all year long. Any time of the year everyone likes steaks on the grill. mecoEven the weather cant stop some people. Sunshine,snowing,rain,never matters to people like us. If you have a carport you can set this grill up and start grilling ribs,or turkey. Get a Meco Deluxe Electric Water smoker grill. It will start by turning one knob. Then you can go in the house. You wont need to stay outside in bad weather,watching this grill cook.

Its pretty easy to get started using the deluxe electric water smoker/grill,and you can smoke your barbecue,with very little watching. With two nickle-plated cooking grids,you can cook upper and lower on the grids.It has 351- square inches of useable cooking area. The grill is a vertical water smoker so it takes up very little room.
There isn’t anything complicated about this grill.Too smoke meat,all you need to do is push a button. And the grill works efficiently like an electric smoker/grill should. Most people when they see the grill wonder if it will give you that great smoked barbecue taste,it will. The more wood chunks you use the smokier the barbecue tastes.The handle on the water smoker grill is heat resistant. You can easily slide the front doors open to check water levels and add wood chips.


  • Interlocking base and body
  • Two-nickel plated cooking grids with handles
  • 351 square inch of cooking surface
  • Removable temperature control
  • Dimensions 21.15L x 24W x 36H inches
  • Finish: Black
  • Type: Electric

This smoker will convert to an electrical grill very easily. The Smoker grill uses 120 volt current and you can plug it into a household plug. There are two nickel plated cooking grids with handles. The company is in Greenville,Tennessee. This Meco deluxe electric water smoker grill is really good for apartments,condo’s,and your own backyard. There is a removable thermostat control.

There is 2 level cooking,and temperature gauge,built in. To use smoke you put wood chunks on the electric coil,on the bottom. To add wood chunks,you will need a pair of tongs so you will be able to have a heavy wood smoke taste,and be able to add the wood through the door..

The Bad

Some people have complained about the grill pieces being bent in the package,when they received it. Have a screw driver and pliers ready when you assemble the grill. You might have to straighten a couple of pieces.If you are careful,you will be successful putting it together. The directions for using the grill are for the charcoal grill and the electric grill runs hot,so you will want to run the grill on medium to keep the heat down to about 220 degrees.

To sum up this meco electric grills performance,i would say for the price its worth it. Its a low cost deluxe electric water smoker/grill,that smokes meat very well. For more information,Click Here


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