Rec Tec Wood Pellet Grill-What do People who bought one Think?

Rec tec wood pellet grill what do people who bought one think? The Rec Tec was a new addition to the Rec Tec products of pellet grills. This automatic grill has a feature called Smart Grill Rec Tec Wood Pellet Grill-What do People who bought one Think?Technology Controller which makes the grill keep precise temperature between 180 and 500 degrees in 5 degree increments.

Most reviews I have found praise the Rec Tec. Especially the service after the sale. They say the support staff works hard to make sure everyone who purchases the/>grill is happy. The pellet smoker even compensates for you opening the door to check your food. The Rec Tec grill will add extra pellets to the fire pot to bring the heat back to the selected degree. By using premium hardwood pellets you can be sure of a great smoke taste in your barbecue.

Rec Tec Wood Pellet Grill-What do People who bought one Think?

 Smart Grill Technology

The Smart Grill Technology is a pressure sensitive touch pad built in on the side of the grill. There is a red button that is used to turn the grill on and off.  Turning it on starts the automatic start up mode. And there is also a red LED readout which is illuminated. And there is  also, a touch pad  will shut the unit down, simple as  can be. The company says that the Rec Tec grill can think for itself. They also say if it fails to light around 20 minutes after start-up, then it shuts itself down.

Additionally, when the on/off pad is used to switch off the grill, the processor stops feeding the pellets into the fire box. And, the fan will run until the pellets are completely burned. Also during this process of cooling the led will display cool. When every pellet is burned then the Smart Grill processor will complete the whole shut down process.

Rec Tec Wood Pellet Grill-What do People who bought one Think?

 Pellet Prime Touch pad

Another neat feature is the pellet prime touch pad. If you press and hold the pellet prime touch pad, the system that feeds pellets will add more fuel pellets to the fire. A hint: you can do this to add more pellets before you lift the lid to check on your food.

 Temperature up and down touch pad

If you want to increase or lower the temperature, you can press the up or down arrows on the unit built on the side of the grill. The temperature is raised or lowered in 5 degree increments at a time. And you can follow the results on the screen. The temperature will go from 180 degrees to 500.

Temperature display touch pad

And the Display Touch Pad will show either the internal temperature that the Grill is producing, or the set point that you selected.

 Temperature display screen

There are several displays on this screen.  These are, a power on readout,also a readout for temperature,and messages to keep you informed while cooking. This pellet smoker has 680 square inches of hopper capacity. It’s got great size to have, while partying.


  • Smart grill technology keeps temperature precise from 180 to 500 degrees
  • 19 x 34 in. cooking area
  • High temperature textured powder coat finish
  • High grade 12 gauge stainless steel
  • Featuring smart grill technology

Advantages to using this grill

There is the brain of the grill called, Smart Grill Technology, which takes all the guess work out of smoking food. You can enjoy sitting outdoors,knowing the temperature and time to cook is being handled in a timely manner, by the grill. You can relax knowing that the grill is cooking with a very consistent indirect heat that will reduce a chance of flare up. You can cook most anything with the Rec Tec Pellet Grill because it goes up to 500 degrees, and maintains the heat.

Cooking with a Pellet Grill will keep the food far less likely to dry out, even better than Gas Grills. If you buy the pellets that Rec Tec makes for the grill, their process uses hard wood saw dust and compresses it.  They say its all natural, the wood pellets are supposed to burn cleaner. The Rec Tec Pellets will work far more smoothly, and provide less trouble. There have been people who tried other brands with good results.

The bad

I looked everywhere but found no bad reviews. There were some who gave this grill 5 stars that said,the instructions were faulty and hard to read. A few that said there were small parts missing and just went to the hardware store and bought replacements. Everyone agreed that the service department at Rec Tec were very helpful. I wasn’t able to find where the Rec Tec wood pellet grill is made at this writing. When I find out I will upgrade this review.

Rec Tec Wood Pellet Grill-What do People who bought one Think?


If you are looking for a high performance automatic pellet grill with powder coat which is very long lasting and durable, this is it. Its a premium grill that you can load up and go to barbecue contests and win. And this one will do the job. You can cook better smoked barbecue than you can buy at a restaurant. There is a lot of room to cook food on this grill which will not overload the heat, and dry out the meat you are cooking,  unlike a lot of other grills. And there is a 6 year limited warranty according to Rec Tec.
Everyone that bought one says they did a lot of research before buying and they are very happy with their purchase. This grill has a powder coated finish to keep the grill looking good for a long time. The automatic wood pellet grill has locking casters to keep it from moving around. The hopper lid covers the hopper tightly,  for a weather proof seal. The grill grates are stainless steel. A lot of people wrap foil around the drip pan for faster cleanup. There is a heat deflector, to keep the heat in the cooking area.To find out more about the rec tec wood pellet grill,click here

3 comments for “Rec Tec Wood Pellet Grill-What do People who bought one Think?

  1. Brian

    Just unpacked my grill tonight. Instructions could be a little better, especially for someone not mechanically inclined. You need to spell every detail out. A little more instructions on starting grill the first time ie. pellet install and the smell of burning and not knowing if the heating element is burning up because of no pellets. Its all fired up holding at 400. Well give it its first shot tomorrow night. Overall very well pleases with look, qaulity of parts. Little worried about how the electronic parts will hold up in Wilmington NC weather. So far A in my book

    • Billy Roberts

      Hi Brian,i will add instructions like you suggested in my review. Thanks so much for telling me about your rec tec grill.

  2. Jvasquigi

    Just unpacked the Rec Tec pellet smoker and noticed the large gap at the rear section of the lid….all my other smokers are sealed better so I was wondering how this affects the cooking temp with the loss of heat & smoke?

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