Smokehouse Grills Little Chief Home Electric smoker Review

Smokehouse Grills Little Chief Home Electric smoker Review. This review should be helpful to find the best and worst of a product. I would say the little chief is more of a dehydrator than grill. Even though you can smoke beef. In fact this smoker grill is not a pellet grill. It has a fuel pan where you place wood chips. The electric heating element starts the chips or chunks of wood to smoking. The little chief takes a long time to smoke food because its designed to operate at 165 degrees. The smoke actually cooks the food.
If you are looking for some cheap smokers,and plan on cooking for hours then this grill might be the one for you. It has an aluminum shell which isn’t insulated. In a cold day with the wind blowing,you will get plenty of heat fluctuation. Its best to keep the smoker out of the wind and cold. But the instructions say to keep the little chief on concrete while using. The company that built this grill is called Smokehouse Products. Its located in Oregon,in the hood river valley. Smokehouse Products Little Chief Front Load Smoker

Smokehouse products makes a complete line of smoker accessories including 5 different kinds of wood chips. Sausage making kits,seasonings,dry rubs,and jerky. They also sell insulation blankets for their grills. And you can find replacement parts for each grill they make. The little chief smoker seems to me to be better at being a dehydrator than a smoker griller. At 165 degrees the smoke is what that cooks the food.

If you are looking to cook beef jerky then this electric smoker will do the job. Below is a beef jerky recipe for you.

1 Quart water

1/4 cup salt (non iodized)

1/2 cup brown sugar

2tsp garlic powder

2 tsp coarse ground pepper

This makes great tasting jerky. If i was buying this little chief grill it would be to make smoked meat products like jerky.It would be fun to try different kinds of wood to use to smoke the jerky. Smoking fish could be another thing to try.

Little Chief Home Electric Smoker

The Bad

This unit will not smoke large items like a brisket,or whole chicken. If you want a smoker grill to do that then find one with more heat and with an automatic pellet feed. This grill just has a pan to put wood chips and chunks in,so you can smoke. Also the aluminum outside of the grill can get damaged very easily. And the wind can affect the heat of the grill unless you get an insulated blanket to go around the grill. Some of the customer review on amazon were pretty critical. But i think most just bought the grill without actually looking at the features. They didn’t see the 165 degree temperature. And the pan for wood chips and chunks. A little reading can keep a person from buying a grill that wont do what they wanted it to do.


  • Really easy to use
  • Free recipe booklet and complete instructions
  • Free 1-3/4 pound bag of hickory chips and chunks
  • Grill vented for proper dehydration
  • 250 Watt heating element
  • Grill comes completely assembled
  • Durable embossed aluminum construction
  • 4 Easy slide out chrome plated racks
  • Operates at 165 degrees
  • 25 Pound food capacity

If your just looking for something that will smoke jerky or sausage,and then the little chief home electric smoker will work. The front loading home electric little chief makes it easy to load and watch the food being smoked.For more information on little chief front load smoker click link below.

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