Cuisinart all-foods cgg-200 portable outdoor tabletop grill

Cuisinart all-foods cgg-200 portable outdoor tabletop grill is an amazing small grill. It can get to really hot temperatures,which will grill steak and chicken. It has a lot of stainless steel and aluminum Cuisinart all-foods cgg-200 portable outdoor tabletop grillin the construction. Which makes for a lot of heat when you grill. The stainless steel assures the quality of the product.

The cuisinart LP gas grill is a very good cooking system. A great 12,000 BTU burner with stainless steel loop burner,a panel that distributes heat. Also a coated porcelain enamel cast iron grate. The grill is small but weighs 35 pounds. There is a grease catch pan. There is a neat twist start ignition system. The table top gas grill is easy to assemble. Also folding side shelves and carrying handles made of stainless steel make the grill easy to transport.

Its easy to cook two steaks on one side with a corn on the cob on the other side. 4 People can use the grill to cook easily. The propane bottle is either a 14 or 16 oz size.There is a temperature gauge built in. The twistart ignition system works very well.


Grill hood has thermometer built in

A tray for cooking vegetables

Easy to start ignition system

Stainless steel handles

Side tables which fold out of the way

Easy to use 14 or 16 oz disposable propane bottles


The all-foods cgg-200 grill does a great job of grilling. Its really nice for use on a patio or taken camping or tailgating at a football game. It only weighs about 35 pounds so it is really portable. This tabletop gas grill has enamel-coated cast-iron grates for easy cleanup. The quality of the product with a precision temperature gauge make backyard cookouts a lot of fun. A removable drip tray coated cast iron cooking grate makes this tabletop gas grill easy to clean. The flushmount lighting starts up with no problems. Stainless steel carry handles completes the good looks of this portable grill.

Cuisinart all-foods cgg-200 portable outdoor tabletop grill


Even though the portable cgg-200 has the Cusinart name it really isn’t built by them. The Fulham group built it and has the customer service if you have problems. There have been mixed good and bad about customer service. Also some parts on the portable grill is prone to rust. A good clean up and vegetable oil sprayed on steel parts will retard rust if it starts rusting.


A good thing to know is that the Cuisinart all-foods portable grill has come down on price the last couple of years. There is a model that has a cart built in. It costs more than the table top unit. The cgg-200 has 240 sq in. of cooking space. The cuisinart will heat to over 500 degrees. You shouldn’t have any problem cooking in your backyard or on a fishing or camping trip. I really like the design of it and it has double wall construction which will help keep heat in. It has a lot of stainless steel but it also has some regular steel which could rust. I really like the Cuisinart all-foods portable outdoor tabletop propane gas grill and feel it is a good performer for a lot price. For more information,

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