Smoke Hollow Tri Mate 570 Grill Review

Smoke Hollow Tri Mate 570 Grill Review.Reading the following review will be helpful in finding information about the smoke hollow. Looking for a 4-in-1 combo grill? A smoker using charcoal/wood on one end. A gas grill with 3 burners plus a extra burner for cooking steaks,vegetables,warming up sauces. If you want the best of both worlds and want to know more,the following review could be helpful to know more about this grill.

If you want steel grills that will get years of use out of,and want a 4-in-1 combo grill with smoke,charcoal and propane gas cooking then this one will do it. Its sold by Gander Mountain. The price isn’t bad for such a combo grill. There are some negative reviews but it seems that most want a grill that will last 30 years. And knowing it was cheap. But you will get many good uses out of this 4-in-1 combo grill. Keep it covered, is very important when not in use.


3 Stainless steel tube burners with 10,000-BTU Each
Huge 1,000 area
Porcelain coated guards,rack,grids made of cast iron.
Firebox/side smoker for that great smoke taste using wood/charcoal
Charcoal pan that is adjustable with grate
The smoke hollow 4-in-1 combo grill, using the fire box to smoke barbecue is easy. Also you can cook with the propane at the same time. The smoke hollow 4-in-1 gas grill side has porcelain coated cast iron grates which is over the three stainless steel burners. There are porcelain flare guards built in also.



There are some mods to be done before this combo grill will operate better. I will add some videos for you to watch and give you an idea of this smoke hollow grill from gander mountain. The steel in the smoke hollow 4-in-1 is one quarter inch thick. If you bought it you would need to keep it covered when not in use. Also after cleaning the grill coat the inside of the smoke hollow grill with a spray bottle filled with vegetable oil. Caution: If you don’t wipe the insides before firing up the grill it might burn the oil. Also one review on Amazon said the burner knob wouldn’t turn, seemed to be frozen. This was after one year of ownership.

Benefits of this product
Offset firebox for smoking or indirect cooking

A sear burner built on to cook steaks

The charcoal grill has an adjustable charcoal basket for less or more heat

3 Burner gas grill


The smoke hollow combo unit will give good years of use if properly maintained.Also the cast iron cooking grids will make it easy to cook food. Using the smoke box to smoke food is an added benefit.The charcoal side will be great for cooking hamburgers,hotdogs. The high temp sear burner with iron cooking grids will cook steaks very well. The gas grill with its high temp will allow you to use it as a stove to cook vegetables.
Smoke Hollow Tri mate 570 grill



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