Weber Genesis E-330 Natural Gas Grill Review

Weber Genesis E-330 Natural Gas Grill Review

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The Weber genesis e-330 natural gas grill review,see why so many think this is a great grill.

Weber Genesis E-330 Natural Gas Grill-Read what everyone Thinks of it

The Weber genesis e-330 natural gas grill review,see why so many think this is a great grill.

All weber genesis e-330 natural gas grill reviews,start with how attractive it is in their backyard. As you can see it operates on natural gas,which in most cities is available. The weber gas grill has a side side burner with 12,000 BTU. And there is a 10,000BTU sear station. Think there might be a place on your covered patio for a grill like this? If you want this grill in colors then you will need to buy the propane version. The black version is natural gas only (sorry the other colors are propane).


  • 507-Square inch cooking area,637-square-inch cooking area
  • 10,000 Btu sear station burner
  • With natural -gas or liquid propane option
  • 3-burner Stainless steel main burners with 38,000 Btu
  • Additional 12,000 Btu with the side burner
  • Dimensions 60 in.long x 30 in. wide x 64.5 in. high,190 lbs

The design is quite new with knobs on the front of the grill instead of the side. There are porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates. With porcelain-enameled shroud that has a center mounted thermometer. Also has porcelain-enameled flavorizer bars,that put flavor back into the food you are cooking. Also porcelain-enameled heat deflectors with six tool hooks added also. There for your convenience is an individual electronic ignition system. The cart the e-330 gas grill sits on has 2 heavy duty front locking casters,also 2 heavy duty rear casters. The grill weighs 190 lbs,and its really easy to push around. Sitting on your backyard patio,i believe a wind gust could move this genesis e-330 gas grill.

As you open the shroud it feels quite sturdy as it glides very smoothly on its hinges. Its great that the burners roar to life the very first time. Its very simple to create a great tasting meal on this weber genesis e-330 natural gas grill. Weber has spent many hours perfecting each grill they make. The grilling systems run smooth,with an evenly heated area for cooking. And very precise controls so you can turn up or down the heat for direct or indirect heat for cooking.
Weber Genesis 6611001 E-310 637-Square-Inch 38,000-BTU Natural-Gas Grill, Black

The cookbox is constructed of cast aluminum. The cookbox is very durable and should require very little maintenance. Also they can hold up to the heat of any temperature you choose. The shroud in addition to the cookbox will allow proper circulation of heat around food for even cooking,direct or indirect heat. There is a ten year warranty with this grill,making one believe it will last ten years or more,with proper care. The sear burner is located between the center and left burners. It is for boosting the heat and giving you a lot of heat for searing a steak. The 637-square-inch cooking area should be enough for a family gathering or picnic.



When you buy the grill online,it comes needing to be assembled. It takes 2 to 3 hours to do the job of assembly. A hint:check for broke or bent parts before getting into putting it together. Will save you lots of time. Also some people didn’t like the fact that when pre-heating, with the gas turned up, the lid handle gets hot enough to burn you. Also some complaints about when cooking,the side tables get hot. I didn’t find many complaints only 6 or so.

Things i really liked about this grill. There are cast aluminum end caps,that i believe are painted black. The grill comes with easy to clean,porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates,will give a good surface to cook on.The center-mounted thermometer is located on the flush mounted cover. The electronic ignition system,is easy to use and works well. Inside the firebox,rod cooking grates,made of stainless steel. With stainless steel side tables,and steel doors.


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