Weston 36 Outdoor Propane Smoker Review

weston 36 outdoor propane smoker reviewThe weston 36 outdoor propane smoker review. The outdoor propane smoker is actually offered in 3 different sizes. There is a 30″inch a 36″inch and a 40″inch. The 30″ has a black door on weston 36" outdoor propane smokerthe front. The 36″ and 40″ has stainless steel. Of course propane is the fuel. But you can use wood chips for that great smoked flavor. This review will cover all aspects of the grill. There is a one year guarantee on the weston grills.

Looking for a cheap smoker that will cook barbecue as well as smoking it to perfection? This is a very nice grill. I could see myself owning one. The 30″inch grill has a black door. This grill is powder coated. The other two grills 36″ and 48″ have a stainless steel door with black sides. I like the way the door shuts and locks. There is a cast iron wood chip box that is included with each grill. All three weston outdoor propane smoker are vertical propane smokers. The front door opens and there are racks you can move in or out depending on the size of your barbecue meat. You can smoke a large turkey by taking out some racks. There is a porcelain coated water pan that is handy to add water and will make the barbecue tender.

Weston 36 Outdoor Propane Smoker Review


  • 3 Adjustable dampers to help adjust heat and amount of smoke
  • 4- 14 And 1/2 chrome plated cooking racks
  • 2 Sausage hooks for smoking sausage
  • Water pan that’s porcelain coated
  • Temperature gauge built in door
  • Heavy duty carrying handles
  • Has a rotary igniter for easy ignition
  • product weight: 81 pounds
  • Outdoor vertical propane grill
  • Smoker wood chip box
  • Limited one year warranty
  • Adjustable propane fuel delivery


Using propane and wood chips to barbecue with seems to be a good way to go. I know most people like pellet grills and charcoal/wood smokers. But if you are looking for an easy way to cook and want lots of room in your smoker then this one will work. You can cook a large amount of barbecue meat at a time.


There are some problems with this Weston outdoor propane smoker. You may find that it leaks smoke when you fire it up. Some people complained about the seams not being welded completely. The fix for that is using high temp silicone caulk. Also putting a gasket around the door will help seal it up to where you wont leak heat or smoke. Also the weston outdoor propane smoker isn’t insulated and when you use it on a cold windy day you will find you cant keep the temperature steady. Also you can use a welding blanket to wrap around the smoker to keep heat in. Or build a shed to keep it in.  The 3 adjustable dampers look like they might start sticking after a couple of years. You might want to keep a few drops of oil  or WD40 on them to keep them loosened up.

Weston 36 Outdoor Propane Smoker Review


With some creative fixes this weston outdoor propane grill can give you a nice low cost barbecue grill that’s roomy and easy to use. The porcelain water pan will help to keep the smoked meat tender. You can add flavor to the water so it soaks into the barbecue. All sizes of the grill has a black-coated steel cooking cabinet. The 36&48 smoker are very nice looking with the stainless steel front doors. weston smoker vertical gas grill has a rotary ignitor for easy startup. Thanks for reading my review of the Weston 36 outdoor propane smoker. For more information.

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