Weber Spirit SP-310 Stainless Steel Liquid Propane Grill Review

The weber spirit sp-310 46500401 propane gas grill review will cover every circumstance you might need to decide for yourself if this is the propane  grill for you. With a stainless steel design which is very low maintenance.
The weber spirit has a basic 3-burner grill with the standard weber features that include propane gauge. This is one of webers lower priced units.It has a piezoelectric ignition which works very well. The unit is free standing with,a no burn through finish. This gas grill has a very efficient design. This stainless steel gas grill isn’t supposed to rust through at least for 5-years, no rust through means you don’t have to worry. With proper maintenance this grill will last a while.Also the grates 5-years no rust through,pretty much worry free. Also the door lifts up allowing complete access to the grill cooking surface. There is a tank storage area built in.

product details

  • Backed by Weber Warranties and support,Weber provides very good support.
  • Stainless Steel Throughout,could be lower grade
  • Price is Reasonable
  • Three stainless steel burners with 10,667 BTU,each
  • 424 square inches of primary cooking with overall 529 inches of cooking area
  • The maximum output of the three burners is 32,000 BTU
  • The cooking grates are stainless steel rod
  • An electric with AA-battery cross over ignition
  • The construction is cast aluminum with porcelain enameled steel,stainless steel
  • Cabinet is fully enclosed
  • There is a thermometer mounted on the hood,and gauge for propane tank
  • Built in China
  • Front locking heavy duty swivel casters
  • No rust through or burn for 5 years

These grills were made to be an affordable version that are an alternative to Genesis Grills. Also the spirit grills are not as large as the Genesis,and much simpler. What this means for you is that it takes less time to figure out how to cook on this Spirit sp-310. Is the stainless steel rod cooking grates better than the cast iron grates with porcelain coating? Not really,but its all a matter of choice.This weber spirit grill is a very basic grill,which means the design allows it to heat up fast to high temperatures even though it looks somewhat underpowered. The body of this grill is stainless steel coated,which means its shiny and easy to keep clean. The other spirit grills have  black enameled bodies.

Grilling food is meant to be a combination and range of direct low/medium/high heat and convection,that’s how a propane grill works.You would need to add a low cost add-on to allow you to add smoke to this grill.Your barbecue would be enhanced with this feature.Shish kabob– you can certainly cook on this unit,and have great success doing it. The unit as all liquid propane gas grill,will heat up fast. So not much waiting in your home barbecues.

Weber Spirit SP-310 Gas Grill – Stainless Steel, Liquid Propane


It will not run on natural gas.There is a better grill the sp-320 liquid propane.Its also more expensive. I did not find many who didn’t like this grill. What i dislike about it is the Made in China. The spirit e-310 is an upgraded version,though i believe they are all  black,instead of stainless steel.

Best way to clean weber sp 310

Its important to keep your grill clean,charcoal or gas.You will find years more of problem free grilling if you keep the grill clean.

To clean your Weber sp-310.
1.Turn spirit grill on high and burn off any stuck on food. Wait until the smoke stops to start cleaning.
Brush off grates to make sure stuck on food is gone. Then turn heat off.
Use dawn dish soap,mix with water in a bucket. Using an old rag

Let the grill cool down then using an old rag or dishcloth wipe down the grill rack and all the other parts of the grill,especially where there is drippings from barbecue.Wipe the whole inside of the grill.Let the spirit grill dry on its own,and leave the lid up so the inside racks can dry.

would i recommend this sp-310 lp stainless steel grill? Yes,i would. I would give it a 3 out of 5 stars.

Three Stainless Steel Burners/ 32,000 BTU-Per-Hour Input Main Burners/ Porcelain-Enamel…

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