Camp chef smoke pro Dlx pellet grill review

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Camp chef smoke pro Dlx pellet grill review 1Camp chef smoke pro Dlx pellet grill review 2Camp chef smoke pro Dlx pellet grill review. Have you been looking for a pellet grill for yourself? Most people don’t want to spend a lot of money.  I about drove myself up the wall, trying to decide which brand to buy. I made my choice and here is what I found, the best low-cost pellet grill.The Camp Chef Dlx pellet grill is for the home griller who wants an easy to use pellet grill. With the best electronic controls to get the grill started and up to heat.  Have you noticed that some of the lower cost grills have a problem with firing up and getting to the right heating temperature? Then they make a person mad trying keeping the heat at the right temperature. After all, we all want a pellet grill for the ease of use, right?

If you can’t trust a grill, to keep the temperature you set it at then you will spend most of your time trying to watch the grill and maintain the temp. Trying to watch sports and watching a pellet grill, can frustrate the best of us. This grill won’t do that. Everyone I talked to says this grill works really well. So well that I bought one after seeing one operate. Find out what I think of the Camp Chef Smokepro Dlx Pellet Grill in this review.

Best Features

The electronic controls take the guesswork out of using a pellet grill. There is a digital chip built in to take the large temperature swings out. If you are like me then you won’t like a pellet grill that starts at 200 degrees and an hour later is at 400. Especially with an expensive cut of meat.  Most of the heat fluctuations are caused by the electronics letting the pellets fill up the firebox. That is taken care of with the Camp Chef. Also, there are two versions of this grill. The lower priced unit has a black lid. The higher priced has a stainless steel lid. Both work equally well.

Also, the Camp Chef Smokepro pellet grill has a super simple start-up system.  It has an internal temperature meat probe. You can set it to where the meat probe temp shows on the led face the whole time you are cooking. Or you can select grill temp. The pellet hopper holds around 18 pounds of pellets.  There is a pellet purge system if you need it.

Electronic auto-start ignition A dual-led temperature readout with internal temp and internal food temps.A dial to control your smoke settings and or cooking temperature.You can have the high-temperature smoke or low-temperature smoke for faster or slower smoking.The digital controls maintain cooking temperature automatically.Automatic pellet auger starts up when needed and shuts down when cooking is done.And how this helps you how…This pellet grill is made for a griller who isn’t a professional and is wanting very simple controls that starts and stops without a lot of intervention from the cook. And get top-notch cooking results every time.    The door on this model is stainless steel or a black finish depending on which model you want. There is also a clean out system, a grease management system. A pellet purge system. You can tell that they listened when people told them what features they wanted. And then they designed this pellet grill.

SpecificationsGrilling dimensions 19.5 x 22Smoking warming rack size: 6 x 24The total surface area of rack: 560 sq in.Pellet hopper capacity 18 pounds of pelletsCooking height 32.5 in.Total weight: 113 pounds

Ash cup clean out system Camp chef must have known good features and easy cleanup would bring attention to their product. Also paying attention to their customers because of built-in features like their patented ash clean out, make the system easy to access. All you do is wait till grill is cool. Pull a lever on the side. All the leftover ash fall out of the firepot.  Right into the cup mounted on the bottom of the grill. You will also need to vacuum the grill after a long grilling time, as the ash will get scattered on the bottom of the grill.
Grease Management system As with most of the better pellet grills, the camp chef pellet grill & smoker has a really good grease management system built in. It’s easy to clean up after a backyard cookout. While you cook the grease is collected and it drains into a bucket on the end of the grill. It’s really easy to keep cleaned out.

I like the idea of having electronic autoignition. The steady stable heat control which keeps the grill at an even temperature.  The learning curve is less with this grill. And you have all the control you need to cook great smoked barbecue. You can dial in how much smoke you wish to have. And how much heat to use.

Camp chef says the pellets used should be their brand. I wish every brand used the same size pellets so it would be easier to buy pellets.

The camp chef pellet grill and smoker is a really good pellet grill. With electronic auto start ignition.  Dual led temperature read out. You have a dial to choose the temperature and amount of smoke. A built-in sensor reads the internal heat of the meat being cooked. A solid heavy duty lid. Sixteen by twelve side shelves. A grease management system takes care of grease drippings. An included warming rack included adding additional cooking space. My family loves the barbecue cooked on our camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill. A recipe book is included which will help you in cooking on the camp chef.  The pellet purge system is great for cleaning out pellets if needed. Automatic pellet auger dispenses pellets when needed, and shuts down automatically. Click Below to find out more about the camp chef smoke pro Dlx pellet grill.Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill (Black) with Sear Box (PG24-PGSEAR)Camp chef smoke pro Dlx pellet grill review 2

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