Char-Broil cb940x charcoal grill Review

Char-Broil cb940x charcoal grill Review-Will it work for you?

Char-broil cb940x charcoal grill Review,the best features and worst. I did a through research and here is what i found.   The cb940x grill is a very heavy duty charcoal/wood grill.It has  cast iron cooking grates. With a ash pan for easy and fast cleanup. A temperature gauge built in to the grill. This charcoal grill is built like a tank. That’s not to mean it wont rust. All grills that are cast iron or steel are prone to rust. A coating inside the grill with cooking oil will keep rust down. The char-broil has 540 inches of cooking area. Lots of room to cook. There is a front access door for adding charcoal or wood to the fire,during cooking. There is 2 adjustable dampers on both ends of the grill to help control fire temps.If you are wanting to make an investment in a grill,this one is built to last.Its a good smoker for low price and is built really well. There is a pan for easy cleaning,that pulls out,allowing nearly effortless cleaning.The cb940x grill is a big improvement over the previous model, and are built really well,will last forever. However keeping the grill clean and protected from rain,also spraying inside of charcoal grill with cooking oil will help keep the rust down.

Char-Broil CB940X Charcoal Grill


  1. 540 square inch cooking

  2. Cast iron cooking grates

  3. ash catcher tray

  4. 3 inch temperature gauge

  5. Wooden handle on the lid

  6. Heavy duty wheels on one end,casters on other for locking grill

  7. heavy-gauge construction cast iron

Most people who i talked with said this grill will last a long time.Just a little bit of maintenance and its good to go. The maker of the char-broil says to paint the outside with high temperature stove paint to keep the rust down on the outside.But while the grill is cast iron it should last for years with a little care.You can cook direct or indirect. All that means is you can build a fire under the barbecue or to the end of the cb940x grill for smoking. You can use wood if you wish,for better flavor. I am all in favor of using wood. Cooked barbecue tastes so much better if you use wood or at least wood chunks in your cooking. With this unit,it might be a good idea to buy heat resistant gloves. This grill gets very hot,and you will get burned if you touch any part of the grill during cooking. As with all charcoal/wood grills you must get used to cooking barbecue with your grill. Using the adjustable dampers to control the fire temperature will take some trial and error. By the second time you cook barbecue you should know how to keep the temperature constant. Every time you open the lid or feed the fire,expect the temp to go down at least for a few minutes.

The Bad

A lot of people liked this grill and some didn’t. My main peeve is that its made in China. What do they know about American barbecue? One other thing is that the fire sits on a grate. The grate has a flaw to where the charcoal will fall down between the grate. Hopefully the char-broil company will fix the problem. One suggestion: use aluminum foil under charcoal on grate to keep charcoal where it belongs. This grill makes me want to put on my boots and ten gallon hat,and start cooking barbecue. Start that heavy duty sucker up with some charcoal and mesquite chunks. Throw some beef ribs(in Texas,remember) on the grill and have a party. If you do a lot of cooking hamburgers,hot dogs,ribs,then this grill will do what you want. If you want smoked flavor and are wanting to compete in barbecue contests,then a pellet grill would be better. Hope you enjoyed the product review of the char broil gril. Click on the Link for more information about the Char-Broil cb940x charcoal grill . 

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