Char-Broil Santa Fe 51.5" Charcoal Grill Review

Char-Broil Santa Fe 51.5″ Charcoal Grill Review

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The char-broil santa fe 51.5″ charcoal grill review will cover all the good points and bad points of this char-broil charcoal grill. It covers a niche that some other grills don’t. Its cheap and  offers 435 square cooking area.It offers traditional style charcoal cooking and offers great  backyard barbecue,is this the grill for you?

Product Features

  1. 435 square inches of primary cooking area
  2. Has porcelain coated  cooking grates with easy cleanup
  3. Adjustable height on fire grate
  4. Removable ash pan easy clean
  5. Also has convenient side shelves and wire bottom racks for storage
  6. The grill is made of steel

The santa fe charcoal grill is a good value because of the size of the cooking area. It does not have an offset smoker fire box so the food you cook will sit on top of the fire. There is an adjustable fire grate,when you lower it the temperature should decrease. What worries me about this one is trying to smoke meat. Being over the fire,its going to be hard to maintain the right temperature to slow smoke barbecue. If you were to use it as a charcoal/wood grill,and just cook hamburgers,hotdogs,and other picnic items,then you would be good to go. It will work fine for backyard barbecues.  Update: The char-broil grill will handle smoking. You build a fire at one end of the grill and place the barbecue on the rack at the other end. The indirect cooking method will work just fine. Also you can use small chunks or logs of wood along with charcoal. The Char-broil Santa Fe  Charcoal Grill is 51.5wide x 18deep x40.9high.
Char-Broil Santa Fe Charcoal Grill 615 – Model 14301569

The whole grill is built on a mobile cart that has two wheels. Also has built in storage that you can store your favorite bbq sauces and rubs. A spatula should fit also. There is a built in thermometer that allows you to keep up with  the temperature letting the heat out by opening the door. When you purchase the grill there is some assembly.Warranty is 90 days on both parts and labor.Backyard barbecue,can be a lot of fun with this charcoal grill,and you will get a smoked flavor because of the smoke coming from the fire below the meat. You can burn wood in this grill also,which will give smoked flavor to every cut of meat you cook.This grill is all about bringing true smoked flavor to your outdoor barbecue. But it wont smoke as well as other grills with offset smokers,my wife would love this grill as she really don’t like smoked barbecue.
Char-Broil Santa Fe Charcoal Grill 615 – Model 14301569

iconAsh Pan

Also there is a ash pan that’s removable. And a charcoal access door to load charcoal or wood. There is a handle on the lid,where you can open the door without needing gloves or potholder. I played with a similar grill at lowes,yesterday and really liked it. The adjustable height fire grate is something that will wear out unless you keep the inside of the grill clean.

The Bad:

Its not a smoker,just a charcoal grill,which is good for cooking hamburgers,hot dogs,pork chops. I like the adjustable fire grate,but wish the grill had a offset firebox for smoking meat. There is a problem with the santa fe grill,if left out in weather it will rust very quickly. You can fix that by buying a cover or putting it in a closed in area like outdoor shed.The char-broil santa fe charcoal grill is a great value and has a sizeable cooking area. I really don’t know much about the porcelain  wire cooking grate. I suspect its one of the grills weak points. Cast iron is better. I did like the ash door that gives you easy access to clean up the grill.Its really important to keep the firebox clean to prevent a flare up. The thermometer isn’t very good. I would get a meat thermometer,you will need one anyway.

  • Metal side shelves
  • Stay cool handles
  • Temperature gauge
  • Bottom storage shelf
  • Two wheels
  • Weight 63 Lbs
  • Cb Santa Fe Charcoal Grill Model 12301569
  • Four adjustable dampers for maintaining cooking temp.

For more information on the Char-Broil Santa Fe 51.5 charcoal grill click the link.
Char-Broil Santa Fe Charcoal Grill 615 – Model 14301569

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