Char-Griller Akorn Kamado with cart grill review

Char-Griller Akorn Kamado with cart grill review-Is this a good Grill

Char-griller akorn kamado grill uses charcoal/wood. It sits on a cart with hard rubber wheels. On your patio,it looks like an egg on wheels. Could it be the grill for you?

The akorn kamado looks like a big egg on wheels. Its reported to be one of the most versatile hardwood charcoal grill around. It can cook most anything because of its wide range of cooking temperatures. It will go from about 200 degrees to 700 degrees. There is a built in thermometer in the lid.This will allow you to cook a wide range of food like steaks,chicken,brisket,fish,pizza. The kamado has double wall steel with insulation between the walls to keep in heat. You  can order a stone to fit this grill and make it more convection oven type.


  • 306 Square inch primary cooking space 165 inch warming rack
  • Insulated design keeps more heat in to conserve on charcoal
  • Easy dump ash pan
  • Has tubular steel cart
  • Locking casters keep grill from moving.
  • Folding wood side shelves
  • Dual dampers that are adjustable to maintain temperatures
  • Cast iron cooking grates,heats evenly,keeps food flavor enhanced
  • Porcelain coated inside of grill
  • color: black


The grill has an inner shield to keep the heat in. There is about a 1 inch space between the inner and outer walls. And a grate on the bottom where it allows air to reach the charcoals. In the reviews there were more that loved the grill than didn’t. Most that didn’t like the grill felt it had some problems like air leaks. Others who liked the grill didn’t say anything about air leaks. It could be the way they put the gourmet kamado charcoal/wood smoker together when it arrived.

There are dual adjustable dampers that if set will allow the proper air flow and keeps the temperature constant. There is an easy dump ash pan,which allows charcoal ash to be removed from the kamado charcoal/wood grill. There is a cast iron grate which will help keep the heat even,allowing for cooking temps all along the grate. Also the grate will hold up to 23 beef patties for hamburgers.Its really good for a barbecue, can use wood chips for smoke.

If you are a first time charcoal grill buyer and want a cheap low cost grill that looks really good on your patio. Then this char-griller 6655 kamado grill will do the job. Features include locking lid,with two folding wood shelves. A really easy to use ash dump pan for easy cleanup. Double wall insulation for constant temperature during cooking. The cart is made of tubular steel and has rubber wheels. There is a built in temperature gauge. I don’t trust temperature gauges because most of them are wrong. I have a temperature probe that i use to tell when the meat is cooked.

The Bad

The grate is heavy duty cast iron. It will need to be washed with soap and water before use,the first time. It will have to be seasoned with the grill. You will need to keep a spray bottle of cooking oil,and coat the grate after using. You don’t want rust to form. I also use foil on my grate to keep it cleaner. Some people had problems keeping the temperature consistent throughout the cooking process. If the vents,especially the lower has air leaks,you will have temperature fluctuation. If you have a outdoor gourmet kamado grill and it has air leaks,just use a high-temp rv silicone to seal the outside of the vent. Is the kamado charcoal smoker durable? It really depends on how its treated.

Char-Griller 06620 Akorn Kamado Kooker Charcoal Barbecue Grill and Smoker, Red

There are several companies that sell stones to put in these grills to make convection ovens out of them. I think this is a grill that if taken care of could last 5 years or more. The wont last long with rain able to get into the inside. At this present time,i believe you can only get this one in black. They look like an egg on wheels. Is it as good as the Weber kettle grills? In some ways it is but the durability isn’t as good. For more information about kamado grills, click link below.


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