Fire Magic 24SM-Smoker Review

Fire Magic 24SM-Smoker Stainless Steel Charcoal Grill Review. We will cover the features of this grill. Fire Magic has been building a> American made premium grills for 75 years or more. Its made of stainless steel and is shaped like a small refrigerator. Read on for a complete review, or watch the video.

Fire Magic 24SM-Smoker

The fire magic smoker 24s sm smoker has 5 cooking grids for a total cooking area of 1640 sq inches. You can use charcoal or wood chunks and smoke your favorite meats. This grill is all stainless steel. The fire magic smoker 24s-sm has a thermometer and meat probe. And air and smoke vents for temperatures up to 450 degrees. The door has two latches which lock which ensures an even temperature for your favorite meats and vegetables. There are heavy duty gaskets built in the door that help keep heat in. The grill is made with 304 stainless steel grill,and isn’t cheap. The food probe hooks up to a thermometer built in the door and also has several alarms so your food isn’t over cooked.


Model number 24s-SM
Stainless steel construction
Stainless steel cooking grids
Charcoal tray which is adjustable for direct or indirect heat
Front door for easy access
5 removable racks for larger cuts of meat
Removable ash tray,easier cleanup
Digital thermometer with meat temperature probe
This unit does not have a storage drawer
Low tech gravity fuel feed system


One of the great things is the air and smoke vents are adjustable. And the smoke vents allows heat control,plus if your cooking hamburgers you can cut back on smoke if you so desire. The air intake from rear bottom and the gravity feed system plus vents allows you to reach precise temperatures.


This all stainless commercial quality fire magic isn’t cheap. The fuel system in back uses charcoal or wood using a gravity feed system. The magic smoker 24s-sm stainless smoker portable grill isn’t for everyone.


Smoke your favorite meats,the thermometer and meat probe is great for cooking or smoking food. This all stainless steel refrigerator style commercial quality outdoor grill has a great manufacturer’s warranty. Cooking meats and vegetables using charcoal or wood chunks.You will become a smoker pro! This stainless steel meat smoker is portable for easy moving. For more informationFire Magic Charcoal Bbq Smoker On Stand 24s-smb

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