Stok SCC0140MX Tower Charcoal Grill

  Stok Scc0140mx Tower Charcoal Grill Review

Stok scc0140mx tower charcoal grill review. This is one that i started several months ago and didn’t finish. I went back and discovered things about this charcoal grill that makes me want one.Also this thing rocks with a built-in heat thermometer,porcelain-coated cast iron cooking grate. Also built-in charcoal chimney.


  1. Cooking area:363 square inches
  2. Stainless steel grill frame
  3. Porcelain coated cast iron cooking grates
  4. Built in charcoal chimney
  5. Adjustable Vents
  6. Heat thermometer built in
  7. Grilling insert system
  8. Model number:SCC0140MX
  9. Dimensions: 45.13 high x 23.57 wide x 26.93



There is a lot of good features built in this charcoal grill. There are vents around the top of the ash cannister that can be easily adjusted open or closed to adjust the air flow to the charcoal. There is a hood that is porcelain coated and can hang on the side of the stok grill. There is a charcoal basket for loading your charcoal and for ease of lighting. When the charcoal is ready for cooking the basket can be removed. The charcoal briquettes will move across the grate when the basket is removed. The  reviews on Amazon most really like the grill,a few dont.

Stok SCC0140MX Tower Charcoal Grill

There is a special tool for the stok grill insert.For removal of the center insert which is constructed of cast iron. When the center insert is removed the charcoal basket is easily removed. There is a pizza stone insert which can be installed by the special tool. The stone promotes even cooking by spreading the heat across the stone,giving an even cooking surface. No under cooked places on your pizza. There are other stok inserts available at extra cost.

The temperature gauge on the hood gives the temperature of the air inside the grill. You would need a separate heat gauge for the inside of the food as the air temp and the food temp are different. To assemble the grill after purchase,you will need a phillips screw driver and a crescent wrench. There is an ash cannister to catch the ash from the fire. One good thing: the stok  tower has a paper basket that fits in the ash cannister that you can crumple up newspaper.Then place the grate and charcoal basket in grill. Add charcoal,light newspaper. Wait until charcoal is ready to cook with. Use the insert removal tool to remove the charcoal basket. With this grill you would need an oven mitt to keep your hands from getting burned.

Stok SCC0140MX Tower Charcoal Grill


And you can use the direct or indirect method for cooking. Its easy to add chunks of wood to the charcoal for a nice smoke flavor.


At this time there are 43 customer reviews of the stok scc0140mx tower charcoal grill. The biggest complaints were after owning the grill for 2 years. I wonder about some of the reviews as two years before complaining? To me,it looks like two people need to put this grill together as it has many small parts. I looked at the owners manual and it has complete instructions to assemble. The tower grill has many small parts and is a little difficult to put together.


The grill has two wheels to allow you to roll it around. The grill is heavy. Also when you build a fire some people say after you finish cooking the charcoal continues to burn. If you are wanting to save on charcoal by shutting off the vents,the grill is designed to burn all the charcoal. The built-in heat thermometer makes it easy to maintain heat. The porcelain-coated cast iron grate allows for easy cleanup after cooking and long grill life. The stok is a  kettle grill design.

Stok SCC0140MX Charcoal Grill

A built-in charcoal chimney. Built for optimum cooking and durability.The charcoal bbq grill works great,and can perform as well as smoker grills by using the indirect cooking method and using chunks of wood. The stok scc0140mx tower charcoal grill is a great grill.To learn more click below.

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