Weber 741001 Silver OneTouch 221/2Inch Kettle Grill Black Review

Weber 741001 Silver OneTouch 221/2Inch Kettle Grill Black Review

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A review of a grill that’s been around a while. Its seen a lot of improvement since i got mine,yes i own one also. This review will tell the good and also the bad about this grill.

The Good

The weber 741001 silver 1 touch 22 1/2 inch kettle grill has 363 inches of total cooking area. With a 22 1/2-inch plated steel cooking grate and with vents that are rust-resistant. Also porcelain-enameled bowl and lid that now has glass-reinforced nylon handles. There’s a ash catcher made of aluminum. There is a 10 year *limited warranty. The wheels on the legs are very strong and will last a long time,and its easy to roll the grill around. The 741001 silver one-touch kettle grill has a lot of rust free aluminum,which makes for easy no cleanup hassle.

Weber 741001 Silver OneTouch 221/2Inch Kettle Grill Black Review

Product Description

Weber 22.5-inch one-touch silver kettle grill with 10-year limited warranty Patented one-touch cleaning and venting system Heavy-gauge, black porcelain enameled bowl and lid 22.5″diameter cooking area 2 glass reinforced nylon handles Grill is very rust resistant Aluminum ash catcher With aluminum legs Very easy to assemble Model number:741001 At a backyard barbecue,this kettle grill is well known. I own one,i got it from my dad who bought it. He gave it to me about 20 years ago. I used to cook everything on it. I have a smoker now.

But i still use the weber 22 1/2 inch grill for cooking hamburgers,steaks,chicken,hot dogs,and other picnic items. Its the best charcoal grill that i know of at this low price. Weber seems to bring out grills and just keep upgrading them,till they are nearly perfect. They built the first kettle drum in 1952. The reason this grill is so good is the speed you can get this weber grill up to heat and start cooking. When you purchase a weber kettle grill,it assembles really fast.You have clear cut illustrations on which part goes where. And you can expect many long years of service from this grill. Weber kettles have a time honored traditional design,as well as innovation in their production of grills.

Made of steel,and a heavy coat of porcelain enamel,which resists rust. The bowl and lid formed to fit exactly right. To allow heat to circulate around the inside of the grill for even heat and fast cooking. The enamel is put through a 1500 degree bake on process at the factory. That’s so your grill can hold up to the heat from your cooking. And porcelain-enameled steel help the kettle grill resist rust and a grill killer,burn through. Also the smoothness of the surface makes the inside and outside, very easy to clean.

Cooking with the lid closed is standard operating procedure for this and all the other weber products. You can adjust the damper,and control the heat inside without lifting the lid,which keeps the heat at an even level. You can adjust the damper low enough to smoke food if you want. Or raise it high to cook steaks. The damper is constructed of aluminum and wont rust,and should last a long time. The cooking grate is made of steel,and the grill provides plenty of area for cooking. What’s more you can get really good looking sear marks on your steaks. The grate is hinged on one end for access to the charcoal or wood. You can add fuel without taking off the grate.


This grate wont warp or burn through. The charcoal grate is really heat resistant. And you have room for a direct or an indirect method of cooking. This way you can cook the way you want. Kettle grills by weber have a one-touch cleaning system. You can rotate the handle,there are 3 blades in the bowl move the ash,and go through the vents,made in the bowl. Then go into an ash catcher made of aluminum,which will lift out for easy disposal. The ash catcher is enclosed which helps keep the ash from blowing around and getting you dirty.

Also the ash wont built up and put out the fire. The one step cleaning system with the 3 blades also acts as another damper,which helps bring air to the fire.You can close the one-touch cleaning system and the top damper,to put out the fire. Also you can dump the ashes out of the aluminum ash catcher without getting any dirt on your hands.The cleaning system makes cleanup fast. The weber kettle drum grills are great for backyard grilling,and will work well every time. Like i said,i own one and use it all the time. My wife took the legs off one time and burned wood in it when she and the grandkids camped in the backyard. The grill lost a leg not long ago but i am going to reattach the leg and keep on using it. I read on Amazon that some people had to replace their grate. I never have,and it still looks like new.

Weber 741001 Silver OneTouch 221/2Inch Kettle Grill Black Review

The Bad

In my opinion the legs were the weak part of these weber grills. The grills now seem to have better legs.You really need a starter chimney to go with this grill. Charcoal lighter fluid is awful,if it all don’t burn off,you will get a bad taste in the food and its expensive. You can put dents in the lid if you drop it on a concrete patio,just right.The picture on the right is my grill. Its lost a leg,i am going to repair it soon.Its somewhere about 30 years old.Weber 741001 Silver OneTouch 221/2Inch Kettle Grill Black Review The grilling grate is always in a fixed position,if you spread out your charcoal. Everything will get hot and cook really well. It doesn’t take long to figure out what amount of charcoal you need to cook with. I recommend this grill. All in all this is a very good kettle grill,and will give you many years of service. To learn more,click here

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