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For BBQ fans looking for big flavor in a small package, finding the right smoker can be tough. The Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill packs a punch with its durable, hand-welded steel design.

This blog will show you why it’s the ideal choice for anyone wanting to smoke or grill on the go. Discover how this mini powerhouse can elevate your outdoor cooking game!

Key Takeaways

  • The Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill is a portable, versatile charcoal smoker and grill.
  • Features include high-temp paint that withstands up to 1000ºF, removable fire basket, dual intake pipes for temperature control, and a hand-welded steel design.
  • Offers two levels of grates inside the drum for different cooking needs; perfect for smoking or grilling at home, tailgating, camping trips, and competitions.
  • Made in the USA with heavy gauge steel construction ensuring quality and durability.
  • Lightweight design makes it easy to move around while still being robust enough for serious BBQ enthusiasts.

Overview of the Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill

The Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill is a versatile and portable charcoal smoker and grill that offers high-temperature paint, removable fire basket, and dual intake pipes for precise temperature control.

With its compact size and durable construction, it’s perfect for smoking and grilling on the go.

How it works

You light charcoal in the removable fire basket to get started with the Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill. This smoker and grill has two air intake pipes that let you control the temperature inside.

For smoking, set your heat between 250 – 325 degrees to infuse your meat with flavor while keeping it moist and tender. Want to grill instead? Just use a higher heat. You can cook on one of two grate levels, depending on what you’re making.

Changing from a smoker to a grill is easy, too! Remove the lid and arrange your coals for direct heat grilling. The high-temperature paint handles up to 1000ºF without trouble, so no need to worry about the outside losing its cool matte finish even at high temperatures.

Whether tailgating or hosting a barbecue at home, this portable barrel cooker makes outdoor cooking simple and fun.

Features and specifications

The Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill is a lightweight and durable 15-gallon portable smoker made from heavy gauge steel. It features hand-welded construction, ensuring quality and durability for outdoor cooking events.

Coated with high-temp, matte charcoal paint that withstands temperatures up to 1000ºF, this versatile smoker includes a removable fire basket, dual air intake pipes, and an 18″ grate for two grate levels inside the drum.

Designed in the USA and suitable for both smoking and grilling, this mini smoker provides a convenient and flavorful outdoor cooking experience.

Benefits of the Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill

The Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill offers portability, with its compact size making it easy to take on the go. Its high-temperature paint can withstand up to 1000ºF, ensuring durability and long-lasting use for all your grilling and smoking needs.


The Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill is a portable 15-gallon drum smoker, making it ideal for tailgating, camping, and outdoor parties. Constructed from heavy gauge steel, this lightweight smoker is easy to transport and set up for on-the-go grilling and smoking adventures.

Its hand-welded construction ensures durability while providing the versatility and convenience needed for outdoor cooking.

The high-temperature paint finish not only adds durability but also enables the smoker to withstand temperatures of up to 1000ºF without compromising its portability. This makes it an excellent choice for barbecue enthusiasts looking for a reliable and portable outdoor cooking solution that can handle various grilling and smoking scenarios with ease.

High-temperature paint withstands up to 1000ºF

The high-temperature paint on the Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker can handle heat up to 1000ºF, ensuring durability and protection from extreme temperatures. This feature adds significant value by keeping the smoker’s exterior in top condition even under high-heat cooking situations.

The matte charcoal paint not only enhances the drum’s appearance but also reinforces its resilience against intense grilling and smoking sessions, making it a reliable choice for outdoor cooking enthusiasts in various settings like tailgating, camping, and backyard barbecues.

Crafted with heavy gauge steel and offering dual intake pipes for precise temperature control, this portable 15-gallon drum smoker delivers both performance and durability. With its ability to withstand high heat levels while maintaining its quality finish, it ensures long-lasting use whether at home or on the go.

Removable fire basket

The Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill comes with a removable fire basket, allowing for easy cleaning and maintenance. This feature enables effortless ash removal, ensuring consistent heat circulation for optimal smoking and grilling results.

The design also enhances versatility by accommodating various fuel types, giving users greater control over their cooking experience.

With the removable fire basket, users can effortlessly manage their charcoal or wood chips to achieve the desired flavor and tenderness in their barbecue dishes. Additionally, it adds convenience when replenishing fuel during extended smoking sessions or adjusting heat levels as needed.

Dual intake pipes

The Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill features two intake pipes, allowing for precise temperature control. These dual pipes enable efficient airflow management to regulate the heat inside the drum, ensuring consistent and even cooking results.

The innovative design with dual intake pipes gives users increased flexibility in adjusting the smoker’s temperature, making it easier to achieve desired cooking conditions for various types of meats and recipes.

Constructed with user-friendly functionality in mind, the inclusion of dual intake pipes enhances the overall performance of the Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill. With these dual intake pipes, barbecue enthusiasts can fine-tune their smoking and grilling experience, achieving exceptional flavors while enjoying effortless temperature control.

Comparison to Other Drum Smokers

The Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill offers unique portability and high-temperature paint compared to other drum smokers on the market, making it a versatile option for smoking and grilling enthusiasts.

Read more about how this smoker stands out from the competition.

BPS Carbon Drum Smoker

The BPS Carbon Drum Smoker is a sturdy and robust 55-gallon drum smoker known for its exceptional heat retention and durability. Constructed from high-quality, heavy gauge steel, it boasts a tough build that ensures longevity.

The smoker features an insulated design ideal for cooking at temperatures ranging between 250 – 325 degrees, allowing for optimal flavor infusion in meats during the smoking process.

Coated with high-temperature paint capable of enduring up to 1000ºF, this drum smoker guarantees resilience against intense heat, making it an excellent choice for outdoor barbecuing events and competitions.

Moreover, the BPS Carbon Drum Smoker offers versatile cooking options with its two grate levels inside the drum. This feature provides flexibility when grilling or smoking various types of food simultaneously.

Gateway Mega Drum Smoker

The Gateway Mega Drum Smoker is a heavy-duty 55-gallon drum smoker with hand-welded construction, ensuring strength and durability. It offers ample cooking space and includes features like dual intake pipes for optimum temperature control during smoking and grilling.

Coated with high-temperature paint, it can withstand up to 1000ºF, making it ideal for various outdoor cooking events such as tailgating, camping, and parties. With its large cooking capacity and robust design, the Gateway Mega Drum Smoker provides barbecue enthusiasts with a reliable and versatile outdoor cooking experience.

In addition to its generous size, the Gateway Mega Drum Smoker comes equipped with multiple grate levels inside the drum, offering flexibility for different types of cooking options.

This USA-manufactured smoker has received positive reviews for its performance quality from users who appreciate its sturdy build and ability to maintain consistent temperatures during extended cook times.

Use Cases for the Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill

Perfect for everyday smoking and grilling, tailgating, camping trips, parties, and even competitions. Read on to discover how this versatile smoker and grill can enhance your outdoor cooking experience!

Everyday smoking and grilling

The Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill is ideal for everyday smoking and grilling. Its lightweight and portable 15-gallon design, durable hand-welded construction, and high-temp paint make it perfect for outdoor cooking.

The dual intake pipes allow precise temperature control for smoking meats to perfection at temperatures between 250 – 325 degrees, while the removable fire basket enables effortless grilling with a charcoal flavor that barbecue enthusiasts love.

With its two grate levels inside the drum, you can grill various foods simultaneously, providing versatility in your outdoor cooking experience. Made in the USA with high-quality manufacturing standards, this smoker ensures durability and performance for years of use.

Tailgating, camping, and parties

The Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill is ideal for tailgating, camping, and parties due to its lightweight and portable design. With its high-temperature paint that withstands up to 1000ºF, it’s well-suited for outdoor events where durability is essential.

Its removable fire basket and dual intake pipes also make it convenient for different cooking environments. Whether it’s grilling at a tailgate or smoking at a campsite, this versatile drum smoker ensures flavorful and tender barbecue without compromising on convenience.

This drum smoker comes with an 18″ grate included, allowing for flexible cooking options suitable for various outdoor gatherings. Made from heavy gauge steel with hand-welded construction in the USA, it guarantees quality and robustness when used in diverse settings.


Competitors at barbecue competitions value the Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill for its portability and high-temperature paint, enabling them to produce top-quality smoked meats on the go.

The removable fire basket and dual intake pipes offer precise temperature control, allowing pitmasters to achieve competition-worthy results. Its durable construction and versatile cooking options make it a sought-after choice among serious contenders in the barbecue circuit.

The lightweight design of this drum smoker sets it apart as ideal equipment for competitive barbecuing, while its ability to withstand high temperatures ensures consistent performance under intense conditions.


In conclusion, the Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill is a durable and portable 15-gallon drum smoker. Its heavy gauge steel construction and high-temperature paint make it perfect for tailgating, camping, and everyday grilling.

With hand-welded quality and versatile cooking options, this made in the USA smoker is a popular choice among barbecue enthusiasts for its performance and portability.


1. What is the Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill?

The Gateway Mini Go2 Drum Smoker & Grill is a portable cooking device that you can use for both grilling and smoking food, perfect for tailgating or camping.

2. Can I use the Gateway drum grill at high temperatures?

Yes! The drum grill comes with high-temperature paint, which allows it to handle hot grilling sessions without damage.

3. Is this grill easy to take on trips like tailgating or camping?

Absolutely! This drum smoker and grill is designed as convenient tailgating equipment and camping gear, making it easy to transport and set up anywhere.

4. Does the Gateway Mini Go2 work well as a smoker too?

Indeed, it’s not just a grill but also an efficient tailgating smoker that lets you cook delicious smoked meats while you enjoy outdoor events.