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February 2


How to Properly Ignite and Start Your Traeger Pro 780 Grill

By Bill Roberts

February 2, 2024

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How to Properly Ignite and Start Your Traeger Pro 780 Grill. Starting up your Traeger Pro 780 Grill can sometimes feel like a complex task. Did you know that proper ignition is key to perfectly smoked flavors? This article will guide you through each step, ensuring your grill lights up smoothly and safely every time.

Let’s fire it up!

Key Takeaways

  • Plug in your Traeger Pro 780 and select the temperature before igniting with the IGNITE button.
  • Keep the lid open when lighting, then close it after pellets have ignited and smoke appears.
  • Season your WiFIRE grill at 350°F for an hour, then at 450°F for half an hour; do similar steps for non-connected grills.
  • Solve temperature swings by cleaning pellet jams and using high-quality pellets designed for Traegers.
  • Clean your grill after use, get a cover to protect it, and choose good wood pellets like hickory or apple.

Starting Your Traeger Pro 780 Grill

To get started with your Traeger Pro 780 Grill, simply plug in the power and select your desired temperature. Depending on whether you’re igniting with an open or closed lid, there are specific steps to follow for a seamless ignition process.

Plug in the power and select desired temperature

Starting your Traeger Pro 780 grill is simple. Just plug it in and get ready to cook.

  • Find a safe outlet and connect your grill’s power cord.
  • Check that the area around the grill is clear of any objects that could catch fire.
  • Press the power button on your Traeger grill to turn it on.
  • Look at the temperature dial and decide how hot you want your grill.
  • Turn the knob to select your desired cooking temperature.
  • Wait for the display to show that the grill has reached the set temperature.

How to ignite with an open lid

To ignite the Traeger Pro 780 grill with the lid open:

  1. Tap and hold the IGNITE button until the ignition sequence begins.
  2. Wait for the fan to start and pellets to fall into the grill.
  3. After about 2 minutes, whitish – gray smoke will start coming out of the grill, indicating that the pellets have ignited.
  4. Once ignited, close the door of the grill.

How to ignite with a closed lid

To ignite your Traeger Pro 780 grill with the lid closed, follow these steps:

  1. Plug in the power and select the desired temperature.
  2. Tap and hold the IGNITE button until the ignition sequence begins.
  3. Once you hear the fan start and pellets falling into the grill, you can start the ignition process.
  4. Wait for about 2 minutes until the pellets ignite, and whitish-gray smoke starts coming out of the grill.
  5. Close the door of the grill once the pellets have ignited to let it preheat to your selected temperature.

Maintaining Your Traeger Pro 780 Grill

To keep your Traeger Pro 780 in top working condition, it’s important to season your WiFIRE grill according to the manufacturer’s instructions. If you have a non-connected grill, you’ll also need to follow specific steps for seasoning before use.

Read on to learn more about how to maintain and care for your Traeger Pro 780 Grill.

Steps for seasoning your WiFIRE grill

To season your WiFIRE grill, first, press and hold the Ignite button for 3 seconds.

Steps for seasoning your non-connected grill

To season your non-connected grill, follow these simple steps:

  1. Ensure the grill is placed in a well – ventilated area and away from flammable objects.
  2. Set the temperature to 350°F and allow the grill to run for about an hour to remove any residual odors or manufacturing compounds.
  3. Carefully spread a thin layer of vegetable oil on the grates using a brush or cloth to prevent food from sticking.
  4. Close the lid and increase the temperature to 450°F for another 30 minutes to allow the oil to adhere to the grates.
  5. Once done, let it cool down before using it for cooking.

Common Questions and Troubleshooting

Dealing with temperature swings can be frustrating, but there are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot and stabilize the heat on your Traeger Pro 780. Additionally, we’ll cover cleaning and storing your grill properly, as well as recommend the best wood pellets and accessories to enhance your grilling experience.

Dealing with temperature swings

If your Traeger Pro 780 grill experiences temperature swings, start by checking for any pellet jams or obstructions in the firepot. Clean out any buildup of ash to ensure proper airflow and consistent heat distribution.

Additionally, consider using high-quality wood pellets specifically designed for use with Traeger grills. Keep the grill well-maintained to prevent temperature inconsistencies and ensure optimal performance during grilling sessions.

Regularly inspect the temperature probes to confirm accurate readings, as they may affect the grill’s overall heating stability.

Cleaning and storing your Traeger

To keep your Traeger Pro 780 grill in top condition, follow these steps for cleaning and storing:

  1. After each use, scrape the grill grates and empty the grease bucket to prevent residue buildup.
  2. Wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth and mild detergent to remove any grease or dirt.
  3. Periodically clean the drip tray and ash from the fire pot to maintain efficient performance.
  4. Store your Traeger in a dry, covered area, protecting it from the elements when not in use.
  5. Consider investing in a grill cover to shield your Traeger from dust, debris, and moisture.
  6. Regularly check and replace any worn – out parts to ensure optimal functionality when grilling.
  7. Prior to extended periods of non – use, perform a thorough cleaning of all grill components.

Recommended wood pellets and accessories

For your Traeger Pro 780 grill, consider using high-quality wood pellets like hickory, apple, or mesquite for different flavor profiles. To enhance your grilling experience, invest in accessories such as a pellet sensor to monitor fuel levels and a cover to protect your grill from the elements.

Additionally, a grill rack can expand cooking space while a meat probe will ensure perfectly cooked food every time.

When choosing wood pellets and accessories for your Traeger Pro 780 grill, opt for reliable brands and products that meet the specifications of your grill model. Whether it’s hardwood pellets for distinct smoky flavors or essential tools for convenient grilling, these selections will elevate your Traeger experience.


In conclusion, starting your Traeger Pro 780 grill is easy. Just tap and hold the IGNITE button until the ignition sequence begins. Then, wait for the fan to start and pellets to fall into the grill before closing the lid.

And remember, following these steps will have you ready to fire up your grill in no time!


1. What steps should I follow to start my Traeger Pro 780 Grill?

To start your Traeger Pro 780 Grill, turn the temperature dial to ‘Smoke’, wait for the fire to ignite which may take about 4-5 minutes, then preheat your grill by setting it to the desired cooking temperature.

2. Do I need to do anything special when using my pellet grill for the first time?

Yes, when you use your Traeger Pro 780 Grill for the first time, run it at a high temperature with an empty grill for about an hour to properly season and burn off any residue from manufacturing.

3. Can I control my Traeger grill with WiFi?

You can setup WiFi on your Traeger Pro 780 Grill following instructions in the manual; this allows you to adjust temperatures and monitor your cook from a connected device.

4. How long does it take for a pellet smoker like the Traeger Pro 780 Grill to preheat?

The pellet grill preheating process takes around 10-15 minutes; ensure you close the lid during this time so that heat builds up efficiently inside.

5. Are there tips for igniting my wood pellet grill properly every time?

For consistent ignition of your wood pellet grill: keep pellets dry and fresh, make sure grills are clean before starting, and give enough time for ignition without rushing into cooking right away.

6. What is unique about starting a Traeger Pellet Grill compared to other types of grills?

Starting a Traeger Pellet Grill involves an electronic ignition system that requires electricity unlike charcoal or gas grills; ensuring convenience in lighting up and maintaining steady temperatures throughout cooking sessions.

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