How to Smoke a Brisket Texas Style with pellet grill

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Texas Style Brisket on a Pellet Grill – How to Make Smoked BBQ …

Sep 1, 2019 How to make Texas style beef brisket on a wood pellet grill (pellet smoker). In this video we cover all of the basics for cooking a Texas style beef …

How to Smoke a Brisket Texas Style with pellet grillHow to smoke a brisket Texas style with pellet grill is the only way for me. I have tried the Central Texas-style of smoked brisket where they douse the brisket with salt and pepper. And after 6 hours or after the inside of the meat in the flat is 165 degrees.

They wrap the brisket in butcher paper, you know that heavy brown paper. They then cook till the internal temp is 200 degrees. Then the meat goes into an empty large cooler. It rests for 2 hours, keeping the juices and flavor locked in. It’s ok, I like smoked beef in any recipe but it is too spicy for me. If you have high blood pressure salt isn’t good for you, in large amounts. But today is my version of Texas-style smoked cooking. I will show you in this how-to article how to cook like a Texan, yeehaw!
Where to buy brisket for smoking
Your neighbor store has lots of beef products. Most brisket they sell is full of fat. You only want about 2 inches of fat. You can find butcher shops that have trimmed brisket. You will pay a higher price. There are from specialty shops who carry what I would call the best brisket, it is already trimmed and ready to take out of the box and use.Northwest Beef Brisket
The cows the beef comes from are mostly grass-fed and live in the northwest US.

You will find a grocery store beef brisket will be tough. A way to fix that is to add meat tenderizer to the meat also. Put it on both sides as you prep it for smoking.
Best wood for smoking brisket
Oh boy! A lot of backyard chefs swear on one type of wood or other. Types of wood are alder, post oak, regular oak, hickory, pecan and last but not least, mesquite.

Yeah, that pest tree that grows and everybody cuts down because Ranchers calls it a pest. In West Texas, it grows everywhere. You can’t find anyplace in West Texas where that tree isn’t growing. I love everything West Texas, Cowboys, and Cowgirls. I think the flavor of Mesquite just fills whatever beef or poultry or Pork meat you are cooking. It tastes so good.

How to Smoke a Brisket Texas Style with pellet grill

The recipe
One red Onion
One Bottle of Liquid Smoke
I bottle Worcester Sauce
1 Container of H.E.B. Beef Rub
Meat Tenderizer
I have included a really good video on how to trim a brisket for smoking.

If you don’t have a meat probe you can use with your grill, go and buy one at Walmart or any store that sells bbq equipment. If you don’t catch the meat getting 165 degrees and it gets a lot hotter you might find your smoked meat to be tough. But start your pellet grill at the lowest smoke heat. Cook till internal temp is 165. Take the meat out and wrap tightly place back in the grill to cook till you reach 200 degrees. Place in a cooler with no ice for 2 hours. Take the meat out, unwrap and slice. After you are successful cooking my recipe then, by all means, try changing my recipe. You won’t hurt my feelings at all. This is a good way to learn, experimentation is what I do all the time. A pellet grill will do a wonderful job cooking a brisket, especially if you have a meat probe.