Mak 1 Star General Pellet Grill Review

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Mak 1 Star General Pellet Grill ReviewMak 1 Star General Pellet Grill Review. This grill is unique, it’s made in America. In Dallas Oregon. The grill is capable of cooking in barbecue competitions also. If you wish to smoke you will find the grill starts on smoke settings. This grill will produce more smoke than any other line of grills. Also if you’re looking for cook hamburgers and hotdogs for an afternoon, you will find it more than capable. You can set the heat to whatever you need. Read on to find what I found out.

Mak Grill 1 star general pellet grill review

Pellet Boss Controls

The on/off button is on the left of the faceplate control. This control is the brains of the Mak 1. To start the grill just press the on/off button once. The ignition cycle will start. When smoke is displayed, the ignition has commenced. The igniter is getting hot and will ignite the pellets in the firepot. The star button which is in the middle of the control panel controls different screens and functions. The star button also works like the enter button on a computer. You can set the temperature or a function. To set the setpoint temperature, press the star button. When the built-in screen flashes, use the up/down buttons to choose the temperature you desire

.Arrow Buttons

The arrow buttons of which are 4 of them. They control the screens/functions and adjust settings up/down.Temperature/Meat probe InputsYou can use 3 meat probes to monitor the inside temperature of the meat you are cooking. There is a hole in the lid to run the probe through. If you use only 1 probe the grill controls will display the probe input number you plugged it into.

Auger Operation Icon

The auger operation icon will show an A while the auger is working. If the auger isn’t turning, the A won’t constantly display unless you are cooking at over 300 degrees.

Screen Display

When the grill is first turned on the setting will be Smoke. The setpoint can be changed in 5 increments from 200 degrees to 450 degrees. The Smoke temperatures are from 175 to 180 degrees. Great results can be attained by using the smoke settings.If you desire to smoke a brisket for 10 to 12 hours, the brisket will have a great smoky flavor.If you set the temperature on high you can cook above 450 degrees. To get another temperature just press the star button. The temp will flash. Using the up/down button to change what temp you wish to cook with. A nice feature: when the temp gets to your selected temp the grill will beep 3 times.

Screen Display Grill temp

When the display shows a temp, it is the actual temp in the grill. A note: when you are starting the Mak 1 you will see Ignite on the display. When the grill is completely going the ignite goes away and you can now set what degree you want to cook it.

Screen Display Probe 1

The screen display will show the internal temp of the meat you are cooking. When you connect the probe to probe 1 you can set an alarm if the internal temp of the meat gets to the temp you set the probe at.

Screen Display Time

You can set hours and minutes. Also, the alarm will go off when the timer reaches zero.


The Mak 1 has a lifetime warranty on their Igniter. As far as I know, nobody else has a warranty like that.

Igniting PelletsT

he screen will display, Igniting Pellets when starting the Mak 1 Star General. Once the igniter goes off the actual temp inside your grill will display. If the firebox goes out there is an auto-relight which will try to restart up to 3 times before shutting down. There will be a warning message display of firebox out/check firepot/ check hopper. Which an empty hopper is a culprit most of the time.

Cool and Shutdown

The cool and shutdown screen will appear once you press the on/off button to turn off the grill. The fan will run at high speed until the temp drops to about 160 degrees. If you just let the grill do its thing, it will burn all the pellets in the firebox so you can clean up after it has cooled off and started with a clean grill every time. There are explicit instructions in the user manual of every Mak 1 grill shipped on how to clean the grill.

Pellet Hopper Dump Door

Not many grills have this feature. Put a bucket below the pellet dump door and you can dump all the pellets in the hopper. You can change pellets whenever you wish. You can dump all the pellets in the hopper.

Smoking Mode

The Mak grill will generate enough smoke to not need a cold smoker to add on. Actually, the smoke produced is more than any other grill, I found out. Actually, when you set a Mak, to smoke you will find that it isn’t set to a set temperature, but the pellet boss control will vary the temp between 170 to 190. The reason is to allow for the maximum amount of smoke. The firebox will burn a lot of pellets to produce more smoke. If you wanted you could set Smoke mode for up to 24 hours

.Competition-Worthy Pellet Grill

As I was told there are several teams competing with Mak Pellet Grills. This product is good.

Powder Coating

The outside of it is powder coated black color. To me, it looked like they did a really good job. Under the powder coat, is Aluminumized Steel.

The Inside

All the inside is stainless steel. From the firepot to the cooking grates. Also, the cooking grate contains

Mak 1 Star Features

The stainless steel firepot can be removed for cleaningThe finish coat is black powderIt has a flashfire ignitionA clean out door to remove ashA huge 20 LBS pellet hopperA temperature control unit very accurateElectronics that are completely closed inCasters that swivel and lockA limited 3-year warrantySlide in rack system- with the upper full, 1/2, or 3/4 racksThe main cooking grate is splitAn auger that stops when hopper door is openedA roaming thermocouple system for better temp accuracyI meat heat probe

What I didn’t like

The thermocouple needs to be cleaned quite often. Keeping it clean will keep it running well for a long time. Quite frankly this is a monster grilling machine. You will need to improve your barbecue recipes.Also the cost is more than a lot of other Pellet Grills


know I am forgetting something in this review. But I will keep updating. Fills me with pride to have seen all that workmanship. Made in the good old U.S.A. To take a closer look, click below

MAK 1 Star General Pellet Grill & Smoker – Product Detail Page

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