Landmann 591320 Grill with Offset Smoker Box Review

Landmann 591320 Grill with Offset Smoker Box Review

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How does  The landmann smokey mountain series combo smoker and outdoor grill compare to other grills?

landmannThe landmann 591320 smoker and outdoor grill is a tough hard to destroy unit. The landmann cooks two different ways. Indirect heat which means slow cooking of the barbecue. And you can grill in the smoke box or in the grill its self.

Large Offset Smoker Box

The offset smoker box has a door to allow you to add charcoal or wood to the fire. The landmann 591320 takes some time to get used to cooking with it. Its kind of difficult to keep the temperature at a level place at first. It usually takes 4 or 5 times cooking,to get what to do to keep the temp constant. I have a black dog landmann,and its pretty rough at first keeping the temperature at the right level for smoking without burning anything. But both grills will work very well after a little practice.

The Product

  1. Mpn number is:591320
  2. Heavy duty steel construction
  3. Porcelain coated cast iron grates
  4. Two front access doors gives easy access to charcoal/wood fire
  5. Two charcoal grates with threaded rods w/handles to adjust heat
  6. Large top and bottom vents adjustable for heat control
  7. Stainless steel temperature gauge on both top of grill and cabinet
  8. Storage area in cabinet
  9. Primary cooking area 581 Secondary cooking area:227 Firebox cooking area: 240
  10. Slide out drawer for easy ash removal
  11. Offset smoker box with large side doors

Grilling Capacity

Of course being a large unit,this grill has 1048 square inches of cooking capacity. This black landmann grill has cast iron grates with a porcelain finish. With proper cleaning the grates should last a long time.There is a warming rack that’s gotten 227 square inches.

Landmann 591320 Grill with Offset Smoker Box Review

Porcelain Coated cast iron Grates

You get porcelain coated cast iron grates with this landmann grill. If you take care of them,they will last a long time. One thing about the grates is that they need to be cleaned according to the manufacturer. If a too stiff brush is used,some porcelain could come off,causing rust to form.

Heavy duty locking castor wheels

The heavy duty locking castors are really nice to have. When you get a cooking fire going,you don’t want a run away grill. A lot of companies are adding these as most people want their smoker to stay in one place,without mishap.

Landmann 591320 Grill with Offset Smoker Box Review

Large offset smoker box with side door

When you are smoking for a extended time you want a smoker box with a door. Its easier to add wood or charcoal while cooking. I used to have an old smoker that i would have to take the food out and then add charcoal. It was not fun doing that. A couple of times my dog nearly had a feast.Lol.

Large side table

A large side table is a very good thing to have on a cooker. You can have a place to sit items you need through out the barbecue cooking time. There is a towel holder also.

Main grilling chamber

The main grilling chamber is 808 square inches with porcelain coated cast iron grates. You wouldn’t want to use the offset smoker box to smoke¬† hamburgers,hot dogs or steaks. That’s a great thing about this landmann grill,it smokes or grills,equally well. There are also dual charcoal pans that adjust by crank handle to multiple positions. That allows you to adjust the heat while cooking food. There are large ash trays that are removable. You get better ash removal,and faster cleanup after cooking. The two swing out front doors make it easier to load wood/charcoal while you are cooking. There is a thermometer built in the top. Most people ignore the gauge,except for keeping temperature where you want it. An adjustable side vent to keep the temperature you select. There is a warming rack to keep food hot while you cook other things.

The Bad

If this landmann grill is left out in the weather uncovered,it will rust fast. I keep vegetable oil around in a spray bottle to keep rust down. Its best to repaint in a year or so. Use high temperature stove paint. It lasts longer. Spray the inside of the grill with vegetable oil after cleanup. Its worth it to buy a cover for the grill. Also storage under a carport or closed shed is helpful. I am not kidding the grill will look like the Titanic if left outside,unprotected. Also this landmann grill gets hot when cooking. It would be wise to get an oven mitt. In the reviews i found,most complaints were that UPS dented the box the grill came in. If you order a grill,don’t accept a broken box. Make them send it back.

In conclusion,i feel that landmann has hit a home run with this smoker/grill. With large grilling area,smoking capable,front charcoal access panels. If you like charcoal/wood smokers/grills then you will enjoy this barbecue favorite for a long time. Its a slow smoker capable of turning out perfect brisket,ribs,and pork. For more information,or to order click here.


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