Landmann Black Dog Smoker Grill

Landmann Black Dog Smoker Grill

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landmann black dog smoker review. I own one so there isn’t much i don’t know about this grill. i . The good as well as bad. And i should know as i have owned one since 2007. Everything that i can think of about this grill will be discussed. I hope the following review helpful to your decision on this grill. Update: The Landmann black dog smoker grill is not for sale at Amazon right now. I am putting links to another Landmann grill which is better,with better reviews.

Looking for some smoke-flavored perfection? With a little bit of trial and error this offset firebox smoker grill will deliver mouth watering smoked barbecue meat,fit for a cook out. The reason i say trial and error,you will need a couple of times cooking smoked meat to get everything down on how to use this smoker.   The vents take a little getting used to. And you might need to smoke some cheap cuts of meat before you start on brisket. If you are wanting to cook by smoke,this following review should be helpful for you to make a decision.

The large vents create excellent heat control. It takes a couple of times using the black dog to figure out the right way to get an even heat. My son entered a barbecue cooking contest in his town here in Texas. I loaded up my Landmann black dog and went over there. My son had an expensive smoker grill. The landmann maintained better heat control over 12 hours of cooking time,than his expensive grill did.

The primary cooking area is 506 inches. You can use the offset box  for smoking or use charcoal below the grill and cook hamburgers,steaks,hot dogs. And if you use the firebox for grilling it gives you 255 inches of secondary cooking area. I have had my smoker grill 6 years now. The  handle adjusts charcoal grate,which helps regulate the heat. There are large vents to create excellent heat control. One thing to consider the smoker box can get real hot but the temperature in the main smoking area rarely gets over 275. Unless you are using mesquite wood to cook with. I have seen the smoker box temperature get over 300 degrees cooking with mesquite. Cooking with mesquite is a little tricky and don’t pile the wood in the firebox like you do charcoal and hickory.A little bit at a time,enough to maintain a fire and coals.The best temperature for smoking is 200 to 225 degrees.  The offset firebox has a side door for adding charcoal and wood.tending the fire with the side fire box is really easy.

There is a large tray for ash which covers the bottom of the grill to stop embers and ash from getting on your yard. The unit is very sturdy and has wheels that are large and has locking casters to keep grill in place. Trust me you don’t want this monster rolling at you. There are big front doors for access to your charcoal or wood fire and for heat and flame management. The front doors are something new,my grill does not have this feature. The charcoal grate will adjust to many positions by an easy to turn crank handle. There is a pull out tray in the bottom of the  smoking chamber for charcoal,if using the smoking chamber as a grill. There are a temperature gauge for both lids,on the offset firebox and smoking chamber. But i use a meat probe thermometer to tell when the barbecue is finished. They are inexpensive and worth the price.

Dimensions and specifications

  • Fuel type: charcoal or wood
  • Dimensions:57w x 24.5d x 43.5h in.
  •  Heavy Duty Porcelain cooking grates
  •  Large Offset Smoker box with side access door
  • Large front doors for easy access to the fire and for adding wood or charcoal
  • Heavy Duty Steel construction
  • Large top and bottom vents for heat control
  • Stainless steel temperature gauge on both Grill and Offset Smoker
  • Slide out ash drawer for easy ash removal
  • Easy-to-clean Clean out slots for ash removal

The Bad:

The landmann  black dog 42xt charcoal grill has some minor problems. The paint isn’t as good as it should be and the grill will rust inside and out. I would get some black stove paint and repaint it before using it. Also the adjustable grate has steel wire connected to the handle that raises and lowers it. That steel wire will break in a couple of years,if you don’t replace it. The grill is made in China. The whole grill needs to be gone over monthly to check for rust. I use vegetable oil to keep down rust on mine. Just use a spray bottle and spray on rust areas. I also paint my grill when the paint peels off. No i didn’t ever buy stove paint.Its a large grill,and the whole neighborhood will know you are cooking. Down below is instructions for curing the grill.

Very Important

If you were to buy,before you operate theLandmann Black Dog 42XT Charcoal Grill & Smoker there is one thing you must do first. Cure the grill,and get rid of paint fumes and other odors. Coat the entire inside surface of the grill with a light coating of cooking oil,like Pam’s,or just liquid vegetable oil. Don’t put any on the outside of the grill. Close the air vents. Start a fire in both the offset firebox and smoker chamber. Put 3 to 6 pounds of charcoal in both. Don’t use wood in this important step.

Leave both lids open until charcoal has turned white. After lids are closed in both smoker chamber and offset firebox,open the vents,make sure they are full open. Maintain the fire for 1 hour,temperature gauges should be 300 degrees or higher.After 1 hour of 300 degree heat,let grill cool down on its own. You should be ready to use the grill now.

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