Landmann USA 32910 Vertical Electric Smoker Review

Landmann USA 32910 Vertical Electric Smoker Review

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Landmann USA 32910 vertical electric smoker review. Looking for an electric smoker that expertly smokes barbecue? Looking for one that is easy to set up and watch it cook?

Landmann USA 32910 Smoky Mountain Vertical Electric Smoker, 32-Inch

This electric smoker is made by the Landmann company. They make heavy duty grills for charcoal/wood,also smokers. A vertical smoker has some benefits over a horizontal. mainly they take up less space and they have several racks where you can stack food to smoke. This unit has 768 cooking capacity. There are 4 chrome cooking grates that will hold 15 pounds of meat each. A vertical two drawer electric smoker,which takes up very little space. There are 4 wheels for easy movement. There is a pretty huge cooking capacity in this smoker. Also an adjustable top damper vent.


Slow Smoker

That’s right the landmann is a slow smoker for that great down home smoked barbecue. You cant just throw a steak on and grill it. That’s not what this smoker grill is for. It is insulated for better heat retention and for fuel savings. This grill uses wood chips in a steel wood chip box.

800 Watt stainless steel heating element

There is an 800 watt stainless steel heating element that heats the smoker from 100 to 275 degrees. This one also has an push button control panel,that has a Lcd front display panel,right where you can see it. There is a main smoking chamber door,for easy loading.

Feature list

  1. Product weight 63.3 pounds
  2. Cooking area 768
  3. Dimension height 33.5 in.
  4. Wide 20.3 in.
  5. Depth 20.1 in.
  6. Rack size 17.25 x 12.25 in.
  7. Manufacturer Landmann Grills

The Bad

Most of the bad reviews on Amazon is from shipping problems. There were several that didn’t assemble their smoker grill properly and had problems. One didn’t know you couldn’t cook with an electric smoker outside in a thunderstorm. The main thing is don’t accept a package from UPS if its all dented and torn. You have a right to expect your purchase to be perfect,not dented or torn. Also you should know this smoker is not fed by pellets. You have to fill the steel chip box with wood chips. You can either make them your self or buy online,or at a store. Also you would need to cook several times to figure out how much smoke is enough. In my smoker i smoke for 8 hours. I actually cook the brisket for 12 hours all together.


You will need a electrical outlet outside to where you can plug in the grill. The landmann USA 32910  vertical electric smoker is a very good slow smoke barbecue cooker. The front has easy access two drawers which gives you an easy access to the water pan and wood chip box and galvanized steel grease pan. Its really easy to use,just plug in set temperature and timer with the Lcd push button controls. Load wood chips,fill water pan,load food to be smoked. Easy to use porcelain coated water pan. The smoker has 4 steel grates that are chrome plated. Load up the barbecue and relax this landmann will cook the food. If you need to refill wood chips or water bowl,they are easy to access. The smoker is also insulated for better heat retention. The eight hundred watt stainless steel heating element gives you a range of 100 to 275 degrees. There is a built-in meat temperature probe. So the Landmann USA 32910 Vertical Electric Smoker seems to be a worth while investment. Especially if you are just wanting a smoker for home use. Click here for more information.

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