Memphis Advantage Plus 26 Inch Pellet Grill Review


The memphis advantage plus 26 inch pellet grill review. This smoker grill  has a lot of features. Its really pricey,so in this review i will show you what its good as well as bad features.

Memphis Advantage Plus 26 Inch Pellet Grill ReviewThe Memphis stainless steel pellet grill is  a lot more than just a pellet smoker grill. Its actually 3 grills in one.High temperature grill for cooking steaks,hamburger,hotdogs. This grill isn’t for everybody,the price is pretty high. But if you are looking for performance and a grill that will last a long time,then check this one out.

430 Stainless Steel Construction

The memphis advantage has a heavy duty double wall grill body. With a sealed double wall hood. The stainless steel isn’t supposed to rust. One thing i found is that stainless steel will discolor when you are using it. The heat turns it a light brown.  Its natural for a stainless steel pellet grill. The weight: 242 pounds pellet grill on cart.


 Memphis Advantage Plus 26 Inch Pellet Grill Review

Heavy Duty Double Wall Construction

The memphis advantage  has a heavy duty double wall and sealed construction design which adds to its strength and durability. Even the cooking area is double wall and has an oven gasket which causes the cooking area to be sealed. You would have maximum heat retention,better cooking and flavor.


Convection System

The memphis advantage plus is 3 grills in one. A high temperature grill for grilling steaks,hamburgers,and other cookout foods. A slow smoker that cooks precisely what you set it at. Then its a high performance convection oven. You can bake a pie,cook a steak,or slow smoke ribs or brisket,all in one pellet grill/smoker w/smartfire technology.

One Touch Digital Temperature Control

The ITC or one touch digital temperature control actually works like the heat control on your kitchen stove. The Itc  compensates for different outside temperatures. You can use the grill year round.The control touch pad face is oval with an on off touch pad. You can turn the grill on and off. There is a prime touch pad that is used to prime the auger when the hopper is empty. To prime the auger, fill the hopper with pellets. And press and hold the prime button until you hear the pellets fall into the burn pot. To the right of that is the temperature setting touch pad. By pressing the arrows up or down you can set the temperature which move in 5 degree increments. Also there is  a Led display that contains the temperature of the grill as well as other information. A display touch pad that will change the display between the set temperature and the  actual temperature of the meat probe. And of the temperature of the grill itself. The meat probe is an optional item that you can purchase with the grill. There is a port on the Lcd display on the far right where you can plug it in.There is a probe pad where you can toggle between the grill temp settings and the  settings for the probe.  There is an led light which tells what cooking mode the memphis advantage pellet grill is in. The light also blinks when the igniter is going and also when grill is in cool down mode.


Self  Feeding Pellet System

The advantage plus elite pellet grill has a self feeding pellet system. To start the system you would need to fill the hopper and push  the pellet prime touch pad on the  intelligent temperature control system.You can hear the pellets drop into the burn pot. Press the on/off touch pad  to start the memphis advantage plus. If the temperature is set to less than 300 degrees it will run in smoke mode. Above 300 it will run in cook mode.


By filling the oversized hopper and  hitting the prime button.All you have to do is push the on button,set the temp. Let it heat up,put the food in  and cook. If you keep the hopper full of woodpellets the intelligent temperature control will cook the food with no strain or hassle. They do recommend a certain brand of pellets to buy for best operation.



The memphis advantage has 430 stainless steel. It isn’t as good as other types of stainless. There really arent many reviews on Amazon to get information about their experience with this product. Its kind of expensive. But the advantage has one thing going for it. Double wall construction.

Memphis Advantage Plus 26 Inch Pellet Grill Review


This is a very nice pellet grill and will do the job of cooking or smoking the food. Its like any machine,it needs to be kept clean.  The burn pot especially needs to have the ash taken out so the next time you use the memphis advantage it will work as the manufacturer built it to do. You would be happier with a smooth well running machine. The memphis advantage plus 26 is made in the usa. With  double wall and sealed construction you can expect  quality in a pellet grill that can sear steaks,cook hamburgers like a charcoal grill but without charcoal and lighter fluid. The intelligent temperature control  with precise temperature,cooks great. This memphis advantage plus 26 inch pellet grill is a very good grill. It is a little pricey,the cheapest i have found is Click Here



2 comments for “Memphis Advantage Plus 26 Inch Pellet Grill Review

  1. Kenneth caudill

    Could you please tell me what you think is a good all round pellet grill. I think I like the Memphis pro. Could you give me your recommendation. Thank you, I value your opinion. Ken caudill

    • Billy Roberts

      Hi Kenneth,
      The Memphis Pro Pellet Grill is a very fantastic grill. The price is around $3500 or more. The hopper where the pellets go handles 18 pounds of pellets. There are two hoppers with 9 pound’s each. The Memphis Advantage is cheaper. Its 26 inch compared to 28 for the Pro. It handles 12 pounds of pellets. Both are great grills. If you aren’t willing to spend that much,consider the Rec Tech pellet grill which isn’t as good but its a lot cheaper.But the Memphis Grills will last a long time due to double wall construction. Also they are Stainless Steel. If you have any more questions,contact me.
      Billy Roberts

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