Teton Grand Big Game Pellet Grill

Teton Grand Big Game Pellet Grill

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Teton Grand Big Game pellet Grill-A Complete Review


The teton grand big game pellet grill  one of the best pellet grills.And this review covers all the information i could find to  give you an idea of what this grill is capable of. The grill is constructed of 2 mm thick steel. And the lid is made of heavy duty stainless steel. To use pellet cooking / smoking is very healthy. There is also a big game hunting scene etched on the lid.


  • 48 Inches long
  • 26 Inches wide
  • 51 Inches high
  • 155 Pounds

Looking for a wood pellet barbeque grill that your neighbors will envy? This is the one. Not only is the grand series grill beautiful,but its very functional. From smoking to grilling,this grill can do it all. And with over 640 square inches of cooking area. You can cook most anything you want. You can find whatever wood pellets you want to use. From mesquite,to apple,cherry,hickory,pecan,and others. The grill is so new there aren’t any customer reviews.


Pellet grills are great, you can have the advantage of good smokin’ great flavors in the brisket’s,sausage,ham,chicken that you smoke. If you hunt deer or elk,wouldn’t it taste great cooked on this grill? The good things about this grill is that there is an adjustable controlled pellet feeder that keeps the temperature steady so you will have great smoked barbecue,outdoors to your table every time. There is a stainless steel hopper lid and also a chimney cap for long life for the grill. The grand series big game grill weighs 155 pounds,not a light weight at all. Every grill is built with solid wood and weathered cast iron. Also alloys and other metals that will make the grill rust resistant for the most part. Also there is a hood that helps in convection,for precise heat control. For moving the grill around is two wheels that are spoked like wagon wheels. The burner housing is made of stainless steel. teton grills big game bring the smokin’ great flavors because you are cooking with real wood!

Teton Grills Big Game Grand Pellet Smoking Grill – Large GPG500BG


What i didn’t like about the teton grand big game grill was the way the cart was attached to the barrel. The legs were attached by screws and bolts. A grill this price should have the legs attached by welding.

If you are a rancher,outdoorsman,or just like having a great looking slow-cook and grill that will cook the best smoked barbecue you ever ate,then this one will do the job. A pellet grill is great because it will slow smoke cook your food. Also if you are wanting to throw a steak or hamburgers on the grill. It will cook these as well. To have a great looking vintage big game scene,acid etched on the top of the grill also. With over 600 inches of cooking area. Has a stainless steel hopper lid and chimney cap for rust prevention. 2 Great looking heavy duty wheels on the cart that look like wagon wheels. To have at your finger tips complete control of heat. 2 mm thick steel that retains heat very well. A hopper feeder adjustment that keeps grill at the temperature you set it at. Each teton grand big game pellet grill is made with the same care and is a work of art. For more information click link below.

Update: The Teton Grill company is out of business.

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13 comments for “Teton Grand Big Game Pellet Grill

  1. jeannie

    Teton sucks..all my smoke comes out between the pellet box n grill..some smoke goes in but u cant taste it..doesnt taste any better than a plan old gas grill ..no flavor..wish I had my money back

    • Billy Roberts

      Something is bad wrong with the Teton grill,then. You should call the support folks and see what they think is the problem. I wouldnt but a grill like that and not get it checked out. Should be something simple.

  2. millicent

    I have same problem Jeannie does with my grill . book no clear on how to use smoker feature. wish I had bought traeger grill. I have called customer service twice left message but got no call back. Apparently I don’t matter as a customer ,as stated on the answering machine. very unhappy with purchase.

    • Billy Roberts

      How long have you had that grill? If you put it together,then you made a mistake. This grill is a top of the line grill. I have a book from that Grand Teton pellet grill and its easy to setup and use. You just cant buy a top name grill like that and just give up on it.Its just something easy to fix like a gasket missing. Dont just give up and get mad. Keep calling the customer service. You matter to them. Just call during the hours they are open. Cant fix it? Send it to me. I could use a great grill like that. Email me with the problems you are having. I can help you trouble shoot it.
      Billy Roberts

  3. david

    I have a NWTF Teton Grill and love it! Beautiful piece of art work and craftsmanship.

    The only problem that i am having is most articles i have read states (for whole chicken) to smoke at 250 deg. for 4 hrs. +/-. The Teton only has 1 setting while using the smoking feature. Please give me some chart for smoking and cook times to use as a guideline. Because from what i can see is that I’m going to have to smoke meat for so many hours at the factory setting of the temp. and then cook it for a certain amount of time Which is seperate from the smoking time. Sincerely, Dave

    • Pat Trussell

      Can you send me a pdf copy of your owners users manual I lost mine.

      • at

        I am still looking for mine. I have tons of files to look through.

  4. Chris

    I have the Nwtf Teton and it is broke again who’s going to fix it

  5. Nancy

    The fan on my grill runs constantly and even on the smoke setting the temperature goes up to 500 degrees. What could be the problem?

  6. Brittany

    Have a smoker and when I plug it in now, the display flashes and won’t let me cook with it. Any idea of what could be wrong with it? This is the first time this has happened.

    • at

      Try checking the fuses. It sounds like it shuts down after you start it.

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