Woodmaster D400 Black Stealth Wood Pellet Grill Review

Woodmaster D400 Black Stealth Wood Pellet Grill Review

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Is ThisWoodmaster D400 Black Stealth Wood Pellet Grill Any Good?

Review of the Woodmaster D400 black stealth wood pellet grill is an easy one. I cant find anything much that people find wrong with it. The company is responsive when trouble or breakdowns happen. The grill is made in Minnesota by actual Americans. You can get a black grill or have your own design put on the grill. Of course having a design put on is extra. Having you’re logo or picture on the woodmaster d400 would be helpful if you used the pellet grill in cooking competition.

The woodmaster d400 is an awesome barbecue grill. This grill will smoke your food just right. With your choice of pellets. Pecan,apple,mesquite,hickory,or a combination. Its up to you as to what you want to use. The hopper will hold 25 pounds of pellets,which will last a while. And wood pellets are better to use than propane or natural gas. Also with no gas leaks. A pellet grill can be a lot safer. Your food cooks indirectly which produces less benzopyrene which the National Cancer Institute says is bad for you. Here is a report from wikipedia.com. The woodmaster has a quick and easy start up. Just put in pellets,plug in grill to 110 voltage. The cooking controls are located on the right shelf. There are two 12x 18 shelves in all. Cooking are is 380 inches. The kettle is 22 1/2 inch,high temp powder coated. 18 Gauge steel,that’s insulated.

Product Details

  • 22.5 inch diameter kettle=380 inches of cooking area
  • Complete temperature that’s digital controlled for smoking and grilling
  • Metal body with steel grate
  • 12 x 18 in. side trays
  • Wood pellets used for cooking with 25 pound capacity
  • Auto start which gets the grill up to heat fast
  • Powder infused black kettle
  • Dark black grill wrap-makes this grill look great
  • The grill only weighs 120 pounds.
  • Grill maintains constant heat even in cold weather

The Bad

For the price you pay you can get a larger pellet grill. I really like this grill but for the price its pretty small. If you want a precise electric pellet grill that cooks smoked meat to perfection,then this one will do it.

This black-wrapped woodmaster pellet grill includes warming rack,and offers 380 square inches of cooking surface and smokes all food to perfection. Every backyard get-together needs this woodmaster d400. There aren’t any customer reviews,yet for this fine woodmaster pellet grill. The workmanship is very good.Paint and powder coating is very well done,as can be expected in a smoker like this.

To go out on the patio and hook up the woodmaster d400 to the electric. Put the pellets in the hopper.To know this woodmaster d400 stainless has quick and easy auto-start. You can be at full cooking temperature in 10 minutes. No charcoal or lighter fluid to mess with. The easy auto-start function. takes care of everything except for setting the temperature,and adding the barbecue. In the time you set,you find as the timer stops. A great tasting brisket,or ribs,turkey,pork,chicken. It cooks everything equally well. No over smoke taste like charcoal/wood smokers. But a tasty full flavored barbecue feast. So much better than restaurant food. To find out how you can own such a fantastic pellet grill click below.

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