Woodmaster Stainless Steel Pellet Grill Review

Woodmaster Stainless Steel Pellet Grill Review

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WoodMaster Stainless Steel Pellet Grill-Is this grill really all its supposed to be?

Woodmaster stainless steel pellet grill review. About this model we are reviewing today its a wood master deck model 400. The colors available are stainless steel,and black. The woodmaster works the same as convection oven,with heat at cooking surface.Less chance of flare-ups due to indirect heat.Easy auto-start to start cooking,fill hopper with pellets grill temp reaches 150 quick.


This grill is made by Northwest manufacturing inc.They are located in Red lake falls Minnesota. This grill is made in the United States. The finish on the grill is infused powder coat,which is supposed to hold in heat and increases efficiency. And also be longer wearing. The woodmaster is 40 in tall. 43 1/2 long x 34 in wide. It weighs 120 lbs. The hopper will hold around 25lb pellet capacity which produces enviable natural wood-fired flavors.

There is a digital combustion fan that is variable and depends on what mode you select to cook with. There is a pellet delivery system. The auger drops pellets down an 8 1/2 inch slide to firepot. At 350 degrees the pellet consumption is:1lb.pellets per hour. So you have quite a while before you need to refill the hopper. Most people only smoke at 250 or less. They recommend you only use wood master blend pellets. You so you start cooking in no time.The igniter shuts off,with no hot spots.The grill ignites your backyard get-togethers. With no gas leaks or smoldering charcoal.

The woodmaster stainless steel pellet grill is a lot better than propane grills. You don’t need to check the grill while cooking very often,unlike charcoal/wood smokers. Also this grill will cook/or smoke your food with no temperature spikes. For quick weeknight dinners you just set the desired temperature,put your food in and go. Also there is indirect heat to allow you to sear a ribeye,cook ribs and more. There is an outboard meat thermometer which will make your better-tasting steak, cook perfect. The meat will come out of the grill jucy,just right,not over or undercooked. You don’t need propane or charcoal,or wood.

Just keep a supply of hardwood pellets,plug the unit into 110 household current and go. The wood pellets you use are available in different hardwood types. Mesquite,apple,cherry,hickory and you can mix and cook with apple/cherry combination,or try other types which produces enviable wood-fired flavors. I think if you ever tasted smoked barbecue cooked on this grill,you wouldn’t ever want to go back to your old grill. This one can handle all your grilling needs.

The grill has a simple design to the internal construction. The rear mounted pellet hopper that holds 25 pounds of pellets, feeds the firepot. And there is a deflector plate that keeps the fire away from the food. But you still get that great natural smoke that’s produced by burning pellets. Also the maker says you can run this unit cheaper than a propane grill. There is hardly no chance of little risk of flare-ups due to indirect heat.

Even frozen or homemade pizza tastes great. wood-fired flavors for steaks,burgers and anything else,just throw on the grate.The temperature powder coat finish around kettle contains heat for better cooking. This grill cooks healthier,with enviable wood-fired flavors also producing less benzopyrene.With this grill you are cooking within 10 minutes. The ambient temperature will not bother this unit. The grill temp reaches 150 and will still get 500 very easy.

The Bad

There isn’t really anything bad except for the height of the grill. Could have been a little taller.

About this product,its a really good grill. A grill like this needs a grill cover. Its really neat that such tiny pellets made this grillĀ  a great performer.No smoke and mess,shuts off when pellets in firepot burn out.A 18 gauge stainless steel hopper cover.For more information click the link below.

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