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Struggling to find the perfect cooking partner for your backyard barbecues? The Weber Smokefire EX4 Pellet Grill leads as a top choice among outdoor chefs. Our guide is packed with expert insights and recommendations to help you pick the best pellet grill smoker combo that suits your grilling needs.

Discover your next culinary companion right here!

Key Takeaways

  • The Weber Smokefire EX4 Pellet Grill provides smart technology, a solid build, and excellent smoky flavor for grilling and smoking. It’s a top choice for overall performance.
  • Consider pellet grill size, hopper capacity, construction materials, additional features like Wi-Fi capability, cost, and customer service when making your selection.
  • Budget-friendly options like the Traeger Tailgater offer quality without high costs. High-end models like the Yoder Smokers YS640S come with more advanced features and larger cooking spaces.
  • Durability is important; look for heavy – duty steel construction and stainless steel components that are easy to clean.
  • For portability needs, choose grills with wheels or compact designs. Make sure they still have enough space to cook large meals if needed.

Understanding Pellet Grills and Smokers

A modern outdoor kitchen with a pellet grill and smoker surrounded by lush greenery.

Pellet grills and smokers use wood pellets to provide a consistent, smoky flavor for your food. They come in various types, from budget-friendly options to high-end models with smart features.

Each type has its own pros and cons to consider when choosing the best pellet grill smoker combo.

How they work

A grilling enthusiast using a pellet grill in a backyard with various meats.

Pellet grills and smokers are outdoor cookers that combine elements of charcoal smokers, gas grills, and kitchen ovens. They use wood pellets made from compressed hardwood sawdust as fuel.

These pellets get fed into a burn pot by an auger from the hopper where they’re stored. An electronic controller manages the flow of pellets to maintain consistent cooking temperatures.

You can grill or smoke meat with steady heat while adding that smoky flavor everyone loves.

Heat and smoke circulate inside these units using convection, which cooks food evenly on all sides without needing to flip it often. The fan inside pellet grills helps to keep the air moving, much like in a convection oven at home.

This means your BBQ will have a uniform cook with delicious results every time. Smokers like the Weber Smokefire EX4 offer smart technology features including remote control via WiFi, allowing you to monitor your meal conveniently from afar.

With their precise temperature control and versatility, these combos provide an excellent way for anyone to enjoy smoked meats at home.

Different types (budget-friendly, high-end, portable, etc.)

A family cooking together on a portable pellet grill in a scenic outdoor setting.

For budget-friendly options, consider the Traeger Tailgater Pellet Grill or Camp Chef SG 24 WiFi Pellet Grill. These offer good value for money without compromising on quality or features like smart technology and portability.

If you’re looking for a high-end pellet grill smoker combo, the Traeger TBB86RLG Timberline and Yoder Smokers YS640S are top choices with their advanced construction, large cooking capacities, and durable materials.

For a portable solution, the Weber Smokefire EX4 Wood Fired Pellet Grill stands out with its compact design and reliable performance suitable for outdoor cooking adventures.

The Traeger Pro Series 780 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker offers versatile features at a mid-range price point. It includes Wifi technology for convenient remote control and a meat probe making it an excellent all-rounder choice that caters to various needs.

Pros and cons

A person adjusting the temperature on a pellet grill smoker in a backyard.

When considering a pellet grill smoker combo, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. One significant advantage is their versatility in cooking various types of food, from barbecue classics to baked goods.

Their convenience should not be underestimated either; they offer easy temperature control and produce consistent results. However, some may find that these units require routine maintenance and cleaning due to ash accumulation.

Additionally, depending on the model and brand chosen, initial costs can be quite high compared to traditional grills.

Pellet grill smoker combos are lauded for their ability to infuse smoky flavor into meats while offering precise temperature control. Their user-friendly design makes them accessible for beginner pitmasters without sacrificing the advanced features desired by seasoned outdoor chefs.

Nevertheless, potential drawbacks include the need for access to electricity due to their reliance on electric power sources — a factor that may limit portability in certain settings.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Pellet Grill Smoker Combo

A family enjoying a barbecue in their spacious backyard with a pellet grill smoker combo.

Consider the size and cooking capacity of the pellet grill smoker combo, as well as its construction and materials. Look for features like smart technology, portability, and cost to make the best choice for your needs.

Size and cooking capacity

A spacious pellet grill smoker in a backyard setting.

When considering the best pellet grill smoker combo, size and cooking capacity are crucial. The Traeger Pro 780 offers a large grilling area of 780 square inches, making it suitable for larger gatherings or big meals.

On the other hand, the Camp Chef SG 24 WiFi Pellet Grill provides ample space with its 811 square inches of cooking surface, catering to versatile cooking needs and larger quantities.

Finding a balance between compact design and generous cooking space is essential when choosing a pellet grill smoker combo. The Weber Smokefire EX4 Wood Fired Pellet Grill offers a primary cooking area of 672 square inches which can easily cater to family-sized meals while also being compact enough for smaller spaces.

Construction and materials

Construction and materials 187351234

The construction and materials of a pellet grill smoker combo are crucial to its durability and performance. Look for heavy-duty steel construction, which ensures stability and long-lasting use.

Stainless steel components are also important as they resist corrosion and are easy to clean, enhancing the overall lifespan of the grill smoker combo.

Consider the quality of the cooking grates as well – porcelain-coated cast iron or stainless steel grates distribute heat evenly across the cooking surface, ensuring consistent results every time you cook.

Features (smart technology, portability, etc.)

A person grilling outdoors in a scenic setting using a smart pellet grill.
Smart technologyWifi connectivity and app control

Portability is a key factor for outdoor cooking enthusiasts, enabling flexibility in location and storage options. Pellet grill smoker combos with wheels or lightweight designs provide convenience for transportation and setup at various outdoor events.

Durability plays a crucial role in ensuring long-term satisfaction with the pellet grill smoker combo. High-quality materials and construction contribute to the unit’s longevity, with factors like stainless steel components enhancing resistance to rust and corrosion.


A comparison of budget-friendly and high-end pellet grill smoker combos in a kitchen setting.

The cost of pellet grill smoker combos varies widely, from budget-friendly options to high-end models with advanced features. Factors that influence the cost include size, construction materials, additional features like smart technology or portability, and brand reputation.

The Traeger TBB86RLG Timberline Pellet Grill is among the higher-priced options but comes with innovative features for precise temperature control and durability. On the other hand, the Camp Chef SG 24 WiFi Pellet Grill offers a more affordable choice without compromising on quality or cooking performance.

When considering cost, it’s essential to weigh the initial investment against long-term value and usage. While some may prefer spending more upfront for advanced capabilities and durability, others might prioritize affordability without sacrificing basic functionalities like consistent heat distribution and ease of use.

Customer service

A person receiving helpful customer support for their pellet grill smoker.

When choosing the best pellet grill smoker combo, consider the customer service provided by the manufacturer. Look for brands known for responsive and helpful customer support. Traeger and Weber are popular choices with a reputation for excellent customer service, providing assistance with troubleshooting, replacement parts, and warranty inquiries.

Weber Smokefire EX4 Wood Pellet Grill is not only praised for its performance but also recognized for exceptional customer service. On the other hand, Camp Chef receives positive feedback from customers regarding their responsiveness to inquiries and support needs.

Choosing a brand with reliable customer service ensures that you can easily address any issues or concerns that may arise during your cooking adventures with your pellet grill smoker combo unit.

Pellet consumption

A stack of wood pellets in front of a pellet grill.

Pellet consumption is an important factor to consider when choosing a pellet grill smoker combo. Traeger Pro 780, efficient in its pellet use, stands out with its low rate of pellets consumed during cooking.

The Camp Chef Woodwind Pro also impresses with its optimal pellet usage, making it an economical choice for those concerned about long-term fuel costs.

An essential consideration is the amount of wood pellets required for cooking sessions. Experts highlight that the Traeger Timberline and Weber SmokeFire EX4 are highly efficient in their pellet consumption while maintaining consistent heat levels for prolonged periods.

Our Top Recommendations for Best Pellet Grill Smoker Combos

A family enjoying a backyard BBQ with a pellet grill smoker combo.

Check out our top picks for the best pellet grill smoker combos and find the perfect one for your grilling and smoking needs. Read on to discover which option suits you best!

Traeger TBB86RLG Timberline Pellet Grill

The Traeger TBB86RLG Timberline Pellet Grill in a backyard BBQ setting.

The Traeger TBB86RLG Timberline Pellet Grill is a highly recommended option for those looking for exceptional smoky results and convenience. With its WiFIRE technology, you can control the grill from your smartphone, ensuring easy temperature monitoring and adjustments.

The ample grilling space allows cooking large quantities of food at once while maintaining even heat distribution.

Additionally, the Traeger TBB86RLG features a Super Smoke mode that enhances the wood-fired flavor in dishes with a touch of extra smoke. If you’re interested in precise grilling and smoking, this grill comes equipped with dual meat probes to accurately monitor internal temperatures.

Yoder Smokers YS640S Pellet Grill

Yoder Smokers YS640S Pellet Grill is a top contender for those seeking high-end performance. It provides ample cooking space and precise temperature control, making it ideal for grilling, smoking, roasting, and baking.

With its sturdy construction and efficient heat retention, this pellet grill stands out for its durability and versatility. This unit also boasts smart technology features like Wi-Fi connectivity for convenient remote monitoring and control of the cooking process.

The Yoder Smokers YS640S Pellet Grill has garnered attention as an excellent choice for producing smoky flavors with consistent results. The integrated fan-forced convection cooking system ensures even heat distribution throughout the large cooking area, creating delectably smoked meats or perfectly grilled dishes every time.

Weber Smokefire EX4 (2nd Gen) Wood Fired Pellet Grill

Weber Smokefire EX4 Wood Fired Pellet Grill is highly regarded as the best overall pellet grill and smoker combo. It stands out for producing excellent smoky results and being user-friendly.

Equipped with smart technology, it allows for convenient remote control, enhancing the grilling experience. With a solid construction and durable materials, this grill ensures reliability and longevity.

Notably, it strikes a balance between size and cooking capacity while efficiently managing pellet consumption.

The Weber Smokefire EX4 offers excellent value for its cost, making it a popular choice among individuals looking for the best high-end pellet smoker with advanced features like Wifi technology.

Traeger Pro Series 780 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

The Traeger Pro Series 780 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker is a top-notch choice with its user-friendly features, including WiFIRE technology for remote control and a built-in meat probe.

It offers ample cooking space to cater to your grilling needs, making it an excellent option for hosting gatherings or family barbecues. This grill smoker combo is designed to deliver smoky, flavorful results while being easy to use.

With the Traeger Pro 780, you can enjoy the convenience of monitoring and adjusting temperatures on your smartphone using the Traeger app. This allows you to multitask without constantly tending to the grill.

Its versatility in smoking, baking, roasting, braising, and BBQing ensures that you can cook various types of food with precision and flavor. Plus, its large hopper capacity minimizes pellet refills during long cooking sessions – perfect for those who love low-maintenance grilling experiences.

Traeger TFB30KLF Tailgater Pellet Grill

The Traeger TFB30KLF Tailgater Pellet Grill is a portable, versatile pellet grill and smoker combo that caters to outdoor cooking needs. It offers 300 square inches of grilling space, catering to small gatherings or family cookouts.

The simplicity of its design makes it easy for anyone from beginners to experienced grill masters to use. This model runs on hardwood pellets offering delicious wood-fired flavor with precise temperature control, making it an ideal choice for flavorful grilling and smoking experiences.

Equipped with EZ-Fold legs and a digital Arc controller for consistent temperatures, this Tailgater Pellet Grill is perfect for tailgating or camping adventures due to its portability and sturdy construction.

Additionally, the “Set-It & Forget-It” feature ensures hassle-free cooking while providing versatility in culinary creations — from traditional barbecue dishes like ribs and brisket to more adventurous recipes such as wood-fired pizza or smoked desserts.

Camp Chef SG 24 WiFi Pellet Grill

The Camp Chef SG 24 WiFi Pellet Grill offers a wide cooking area and an impressive pellet hopper capacity. With its smart technology, this grill allows for easy temperature control from your smartphone, making it convenient for various grilling needs.

Its ash cleanout system makes maintenance hassle-free, while the included meat probe ensures precise cooking every time.

This high-end pellet grill also provides a great searing function and excellent smoking capabilities to achieve that perfect smoky flavor in your food. The durable construction and quality materials ensure longevity and reliability for all your outdoor cooking adventures.

Other Factors to Consider Before Buying

A person using a pellet grill smoker in a backyard surrounded by greenery.

Consider the durability, ease of clean up, hopper size, warranty, and avoiding gimmicks when choosing the best pellet grill smoker combo. These factors can make a big difference in your grilling and smoking experience.


Durability is crucial when selecting a pellet grill smoker combo. The construction and materials used determine the unit’s ability to withstand harsh weather conditions and heavy usage, ensuring long-term reliability.

The Traeger Timberline and Weber SmokeFire EX4 are known for their robust build quality, making them top choices for durability. Similarly, the Yoder Smokers YS640S Pellet Grill is praised for its sturdy construction, providing excellent longevity.

When choosing a pellet grill smoker combo, it’s essential to prioritize durable models that can withstand wear and tear over time. Look for options with high-quality materials that can endure outdoor elements and extensive cooking sessions without compromising performance or safety.

Ease of clean up

Cleaning up after grilling is essential, and pellet grill smoker combos can vary in their ease of clean up. Some models come with ash removal systems that make cleaning a breeze, while others may require more manual effort.

The Traeger TBB86RLG Timberline Pellet Grill comes with an innovative ash removal system, simplifying the cleaning process. On the other hand, the Camp Chef SG 24 WiFi Pellet Grill also offers easy cleanup with its patented ash cleanout system, minimizing hassle.

Additionally, some pellet grill smoker combos feature non-stick grates or porcelain-coated surfaces that are easy to clean and maintain. For instance, the Weber Smokefire EX4 (2nd Gen) Wood Fired Pellet Grill has porcelain-coated grates that allow for straightforward cleaning post-cooking sessions.

Hopper size

The hopper size of a pellet grill smoker combo determines how many pellets it can hold at once. A larger hopper means less frequent refills, allowing for longer uninterrupted cooking sessions without needing to add more fuel.

Traeger Pro 780 and Camp Chef SG 24 WiFi Pellet Grill are known for their ample hopper sizes, ensuring consistent heat during extended cook times without the need to constantly monitor and refill the hopper.

While smaller hoppers may require more attention in terms of refilling, they could be suitable for those who infrequently use their grill or have limited storage space. However, larger hoppers generally provide greater convenience and efficiency when using a pellet grill smoker combo.


Consider the warranty offered when choosing your pellet grill smoker combo. Look for a brand that provides good coverage and support, such as Traeger or Camp Chef, ensuring you have peace of mind.

The warranty can vary from one year to a longer term, so it’s crucial to check what is included in case of any issues with your unit. For example, the Traeger Pro 780 comes with a solid 3-year warranty, while the Weber Smokefire EX4 also offers great protection for your investment.

Ensure that the brand you choose has efficient customer service and a reliable reputation for honoring warranties if needed. This will save you from potential headaches down the line and allow you to enjoy your pellet grill smoker combo without worries about potential future repairs.

Avoiding gimmicks

To avoid falling for gimmicks when choosing a pellet grill smoker combo, focus on practical features like grilling space, heat control, and ease of use. Look out for additional helpful features such as Wifi technology for remote control and meat probes included in the unit.

Consider factors such as durability, hopper size, ease of clean-up, warranty provided by the manufacturer before making your decision. Stay mindful that the best pellet grill smoker combo varies depending on specific needs and preferences rather than unnecessary flashy add-ons or features.

Pellet grill and smoker combos are popular due to their convenience and versatility in cooking various types of food.

Remember that the Traeger Pro 780 is considered the best overall pellet grill smoker combo due to its useful features such as Wifi technology for remote control and a meat probe included.

Additionally, experts recommend considering durable units with practical features like grilling space and precise heat control over other gimmicky add-ons that may not contribute significantly to the cooking experience.


Consider your budget when choosing the best pellet grill smoker combo. Weber Smokefire EX4 is a top pick for its quality despite being on the higher end. On the other hand, Traeger Pro 780 offers advanced features at a reasonable price point, making it great value for money.

The Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Grill provides an affordable option with good grilling space and heat control, ideal for those looking to save some bucks.

When deciding, weigh the cost against the features you need from a pellet grill smoker combo. Remember that each recommended product has different price ranges tailored to meet various needs and preferences.

Conclusion and Final Recommendation

Three friends enjoying a backyard barbecue and grilling meats.

To sum up, the Weber Smokefire EX4 Pellet Grill is a top choice for an overall best pellet grill and smoker combo. Those interested in a dedicated unit may lean towards the Camp Chef Woodwind Pro as the best overall pellet smoker.

For a good balance of performance, consider the Reqtec combo. Ultimately, your specific needs and preferences will drive your final decision when selecting the best pellet grill smoker combo!


1. What makes a pellet grill smoker combo the best choice?

The best pellet grill smoker combo offers versatility, allowing you to smoke meat slowly and grill with the convenience of wood pellets for great flavor.

2. Can I find a combination that includes an electric smoker and charcoal grill?

Yes, there are hybrid units that combine an electric smoker with a charcoal grill for those who enjoy multiple cooking methods in one device.

3. What should I look for in a pellet barbecue grill?

When searching for a good pellet barbecue grill, consider its ability to maintain consistent temperature, ease of use, and capacity for both grilling and smoking.

4. How does a pellet smoker box work in these combos?

A pellet smoker box holds wood pellets and is integrated into the combo unit to provide smoky flavors when grilling or smoking food.

5. Are all-in-one devices like pellet smoker and barbecue combinations worth it?

Yes, having a pellet smoker and barbecue combination is convenient as it saves space while providing the flexibility to cook using different styles on one appliance.