Hi! I’m Bill Roberts.

I believe good barbecue is not only about how it tastes but who you taste it with.

I have been barbecuing since I was a young man. I ate barbecue at church. Fixed by a man at church who built his own charcoal grills out of 30 gallon barrels that he cut in half. He could weld and put legs on and would weld hinges so the door would open and close.

The grills wouldn’t last over a year as the barrels were thin. They would burn through because he would really load the barrels with charcoal and would get really hot.

I got married in 1970 and my wife and I bought a small grill we put on our patio at this apartment we lived at. It really got me going barbecue grilling.

Over the years I would buy small grills but one day My wife bought me a big charcoal grill with a firebox on the end. That got me to smoking meat instead of just cooking over coals. I started cutting down mesquite and smoking brisket 4 to 6 hours unwrapped then 4 to 6 hours wrapped either with butcher paper or foil. I really tried a lot of different wood. The best flaver I got from smoking was from mesquite.

My son and I entered a barbeque cooking contest. I took my grill over and we cooked alll night and next day we came in 4th place, I think. People there had pellet grills and they won first place,

Well, that was it, I had to have one. I bought one and love it. All my friends love barbecue cooked on the pellet grill.

I started a barbecue grill review site, and love talking about grills. My site crashed and I lost it. Now I am starting over.

To the left is a picture of me and my dog Nipper. He is a smooth hair Fox Terrier, I am 78 and he is 9.