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April 4


Traeger Century 22 Grill

By Bill Roberts

April 4, 2024

Traeger Century 22 Grill

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Bill Roberts

About the author

was born in 1944, to a family of farmers. My Daddy built a smokehouse, where he smoked hams, bacon, and beef. I think my Dad must have used hickory wood to smoke the meat. I love grilling out. Since the age of seven, I have consumed barbecue. At the age of 25, I started cooking barbecue after getting married. My initial grill was probably fifteen dollars. The next grill I bought in 1975 cost forty-five dollars. It was an upright Charcoal smoker. It was hard to add charcoal, so I loaded the pan up with charcoal. I turned the vents way down to get more time before the charcoal burned out. It was nice to have the water pan beneath the meat rack. I’d smother the water with barbecue sauce. It may have improved the flavor of the meat, but I’m not sure.

Wood chips were another option I tried. It was discovered that the wood chips would smoke more if I soaked them in water. It was then that I discovered hickory wood after relocating to Eastern Oklahoma. Compared to what I had been using, that was far better. . Expert griller and smoker of meats for more than 50 years, Bill Roberts is a seasoned culinary veteran. Bill, who was born 79 years ago, first became passionate about barbecue in 1970. The world was undergoing fast change at that time, but the comforting smell of slow-cooked meat remained constant.

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